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Top 5 Technology Tips For Real Estate Agents

John Tailor
Top 5 Technology Tips For Real Estate Agents

In the last couple of years, the digital tide has swept over the entire business landscape forever changing the way we think about and perform our daily tasks. The outbreak of COVID-19 that kept a large part of the global workforce from working at full capacity only sped up this process and gave automation a new sense of urgency.

Where does this development leave the real estate industry that has traditionally always been deeply rooted in personal interactions and on-the-ground action? Well, although these foundations are still in place, the real estate industry is also getting a digital overhaul.

Let us take a quick look at how the real estate agents of today can leverage this fact to score stronger results.

Create a strong personal website

In this day and age, every sensible online marketing campaign starts and ends up with a strong and well-made website. Since the real estate industry is so reliant on personal branding, no one can dispute that you can greatly benefit by using this neat asset to the fullest extent. A personal website allows you to present your professional biography, personal traits, listing photos, and all other things that may invite new clients to ask for your services. Ideally, you should use this platform to launch the blog where you will discuss popular real estate topics and engage people who are still on the fence about making a purchase.

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Engage clients with mobile apps

Mobile devices have, by now, become the go-to way people use web content. But, even if we take that into account, the fact remains that mobile browsers are a very clunky and dated way to access vital information. According to a recent survey, present-day consumers spend 90% of their smartphone time using apps. So, putting yourself in one of the available app markets will give your potential clients an easy way to interact with your company and immediately set you ahead of the competition. Besides, the apps reek of a certain sense of expertise so you can use this tool to earn some easy branding points.

Reach out of your local boundaries

The internet has made the entire business world a global village. There is no reason why you shouldn't use this fact to reach out of your local boundaries and allow your customers to access properties anywhere across the nation. So, if one of your clients, for instance, wants to get apartments for rent in Brownsville, you check the online listings, get in touch with local agencies and offer your services as a mediator. Naturally, this process can be made much easier if you use some level of automation and data aggregation which should prevent you from searching for and checking all these services manually.

Automation of real estate processes

 Speaking of automation, this process has become one of the most popular business buzzwords in recent years, and its effects can be felt in the real estate arena as well. To put it simply, popular real estate software tools and platforms can help agents to set up automated and AI-powered workflows, take care of the scheduling, take over the repetitive processes like email marketing and give real estate agents much more time to do what they do best – client engagement. Also, since all these tools considerably speed up the business process, real estate agents can process more clients and increase their revenue.

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Online touring with AR and VR

Even though these ideas may seem too far-fetched at first glance, the fact remains that VR and AR tech is evolving at a lightning pace and that this evolution comes along with wider market accessibility. The agents who really want to push the envelope can use these assets to allow their clients online touring of the properties they are interested in. Keeping in mind that IoT tech and smart homes are gradually transitioning from novelty to a market requirement this will only become easier as time goes by. If used creatively, all these tools can help agents to offer something truly unique and summon a lot of goodwill along the way.

So, there you have it – the top five tips that should help you to use the latest fruits of the tech world to help your real estate agency truly shine and reach its market potential. Of course, these are only some of the most noteworthy mentions since technology evolves on a daily basis and these new assets constantly find new and exciting applications. What is important, though, is that you start making the conscious steps in making your company open to these assets and ideas. If you do that, all new initiatives will fall into place much, much easier.

John Tailor
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