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Ecommerce Website Redesign

Maulik Pandya
Ecommerce Website Redesign

Design is essential when you need to stand out to thrive in today’s world. You’re now selling the user experience rather than the product. As a result, if your website does not appear modern and is challenging to navigate, your prospective customers will go elsewhere.

Conversely, not all businesses are aware of this. Most eCommerce sites use design templates, and it’s simple, inexpensive, and generally work well.

If you want to make a special connection with your customers and build a loyal following, you’ll need to devote time, money, and effort to the design.

How can you tell if your eCommerce site needs to be redesigned? How does it set you back? What are the crucial stages of redesigning an eCommerce website? In this article, we’ll cover these topics.

Stats About User Experience, Website First Impressions, and Website Design That You Should Be Taking Very Seriously

eCommerce Website Redesign Website Design Stats

  • A website’s poor functionality drives 42% of visitors to leave it.

  • 38.5% of designers agree that a website’s outdated design is the most common reason people leave it.

  • When browsing a website for the first time, just 8% of users notice whitespace.

  • Usability is considered an important design feature for an online store by 60% of customers.

  • 57% of internet users stated they wouldn’t suggest a brand with a mobile website that isn’t well-designed.

  • After a poor experience, 88% of users are less likely to return to a site.

Why does your eCommerce website need Website Redesign?

Why do you Need of eCommerce websites Redesign

1. Low Sales

A design flaw causes plenty of issues that limit sales, and Website visitors may become frustrated by lackluster performance, diminishing their chance of converting. You’ll like to rule out other aspects that could significantly impact before moving forward with a redesign.

It’s feasible that the products themselves, or their marketing, are to blame. Price may also be a consideration, especially if a competitor’s offering is less expensive. Determine the level to which a redesign can increase sales by identifying the most serious issues as soon as possible.

2. Less Conversion

A low conversion rate indicates that your eCommerce platform is not profitable to start successfully, and you should fix this issue as a result. So, if you’re having trouble converting website visitors into customers, you might want to explore a webshop redesign.

The conversion rate is directly influenced by your platform’s complex interface, poor design, low functionality, and poor performance. But don’t worry; an eCommerce redesign can help you solve this problem by providing your Website more user-friendly and enticing.

3. Low Speed

If they have to wait a few moments longer than expected, most people will quit websites. A slow website might be a significant liability. Make every attempt to meet the standard rule of thumb for a good load time of fewer than two seconds.

First, see if your page is taking too long to load. Using various tools, such as Google PageSpeed Insights, may analyze your page performance.

4. Old Design

When building an eCommerce website, failing to consider your target audience might negatively impact the user experience. As a result, thorough market research and identification of your target audience are essential for an updated design.

5. Struggle with Mobile Navigation

If your page isn’t built to suit the mobile shopping revolution, you miss out on an increasing audience. Many buyers will not make purchases from websites that have not been designed with mobile in mind.

When developing your mobile site, keep in mind that web pages must automatically resize to match various devices’ screens. Users are less likely to have to zoom in and scroll while using a responsive website constantly. You must also maintain consistency between desktop and mobile versions of your Website.

6. Failed to meet Accessibility Standards

Is the Website upgraded as per the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)? These allow the most extensive possible range of visitors to utilize your site, despite the physical constraints.

It covers a wide range of web design issues, including:

  • It should avoid flashing visuals or blinking lights because they can cause seizures.
  • The ability to use keyboards to navigate all aspects of the Website
  • Text alternatives for thumbnails and other imagery have been added to assist visually impaired users.
  • Media that is synchronized or time-based, as well as other interactive elements, must be linked.
  • Content is distinguishable due to color contrast and responsive design.

If you are unsure that the current version of the Website delivers a consistent experience for all users, you should consider redesigning it.

7. Website Security comprised

Customers would like to know that the Website should process their data with care. Therefore, security should be a key focus in eCommerce web design, and security works hand in hand, primarily if possible risks are handled. 

Transparency is also essential. All users should know how your Website adheres to privacy rules and when and why their data is gathered.

8. UX on the Website is confusing.

You might wonder what the primary indicators of a complex UX are. The following is a list of its essential indications. You should consider an eCommerce website redesign if your Website relates to two or more of these factors.

  • It takes a long time for the page to load or react;
  • The plugins aren’t well-integrated.
  • Confusing navigation or several possibilities for navigating;
  • The lengthy checkout procedure (there are so many stages);
  • There is the insufficient spacing between informative blocks;
  • The unavailability of a “search” option;
  • Fonts that are too complex;
  • The colors on the page don’t match.

Summing up the Story

As you can see, determining when to redesign a website is not easy. All eCommerce companies will eventually require minor modifications and, in some cases, a total redesign. Targeted changes may make your page more manageable and pleasurable to use when that time comes while increasing consumer interaction.

These improvements will work to help you resolve issues that previously impeded conversions. Don’t pass up this chance to increase your bottom line while serving your customers better. Hire a Top Website redesign company for custom eCommerce development.

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