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Things Every Parent Should Know Before Teaching Your Teen How to Drive!

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Things Every Parent Should Know Before Teaching Your Teen How to Drive!

Is your teen ready to get behind the wheel? You could be apprehensive about teaching children the laws of the road since you haven't learnt them in a long time. Early on, your kid should understand fundamental regulations and proper driving behaviors. You are the one from whom they will get the greatest knowledge. Here are some pointers to help your teen get their driving career off to a good start.

1. Enroll in a refresher course.

After years of driving on your own, you may have forgotten some of the fundamental rules of the road. In Connecticut, for example, parents must complete a two-hour refresher course before teaching their teen to drive lawfully. Teen Driver Source, in partnership with the Student Driver Training Schools, offers free tools to help parents train their teenagers to drive. A page for parents is included in AAA's teen driving section. Even a cursory perusal of your child's theoretical textbook is preferable to doing nothing.

A refresher course at driving schools near me can help you comprehend your teen's learning objectives and may perhaps remind you of one or two areas in which you need to enhance your own driving.

2. Keep your cool

Teens typically have to cope with yelling parents, according to an University of Colorado research, even if they never raise their voices. Your teen will pick up on your nervousness or unease and wonder what they're doing wrong. As a driving instructor, staying cool and in control of your emotions is crucial. Another study indicated that stressed parents are less effective teachers and pay less attention to safety than calm parents.

3. Practice in a variety of settings as you progress.

During the first few weeks of training your teen to drive, you should concentrate on the fundamentals of automobile operation, such as breaking and turning. It's better to conduct this in a secure location, such as an empty parking lot. As your teen's driving skills develop, you should broaden their driving range and situations. Maintain a gradual approach, introducing more risky surroundings (such as a highway) only once you're confident your kid has learned the required abilities.

4. When driving, set a good example.

If you've been driving for a time, you've probably picked up a few poor habits. That is why it is important to take a refresher course. When you drive, it allows you to model excellent driving conduct (and your teen is observing more closely). It also helps to explain the safety precautions you use while driving so your kid can see how they operate. Use every opportunity to talk about safe driving, even if your teen isn't behind the wheel.

5. Purchase a "New Driver" sign for your vehicle.

Even if your state does not require it for learning drivers, you should always have a sign on your car that says "new driver." This warns adjacent motorists to stay a safe distance and drive more cautiously around you. It also serves as a reminder to your teen that they are not yet fully autonomous drivers.

6. Disallow the use of cellphones and other distracting devices

Make an agreement with your teen before getting in the car that driving time will be focused on driving. Phones and console games are not allowed since they may become distracted. If your kid insists on listening to music as they practice, make sure it's a pre-made playlist on their phone rather than the radio. They are less prone to be sidetracked by the desire to switch stations.

7. Be Prepared to Face Criticism

This is more of a reminder for you than an advice for your teen: once your child has access to driving materials, they will likely monitor and critique you as you drive. This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate that you can break harmful habits by paying attention to your driving after making a mistake.


As a parent, you should invest in your child's driver's education to help them develop their abilities and prepare for the road. If you wish to brush up on your driving abilities before instructing a new driver, it is best to get your education first from any student driver training schools. As a result, your driving record, as well as that of your teen, will benefit.

South Bay Driving School
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