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Hernia Surgery in Chennai

Hernia Surgery in Chennai

When is hernia surgery required? Hernia is a condition which is most frequently encountered in the abdomen or around the groin where a tissue or an organ squeezes and breaks through a weak opening in the connective tissue or surrounding muscle resulting in a localized bulge causing pain and discomfort. 

The surgical treatment for hernia is given under anesthesia based on the extent of the emergency and the choice of the patient. It can be an open procedure or laparoscopic called herniorrhaphy depending on the type of hernia.

It has advantages like smaller surgical cuts, less pain and speedy recovery. Hernia surgery at times can also be risky for patients with serious medical issues though.

Taking proper medications, weight loss and lifestyle changes will definitely control symptoms and minimize the need for hernia surgery. The weakened abdominal wall tissue is secured with hernia surgery and also holes can be closed. 

Causes of hernia

The common causes of hernia which causes muscle weakness include:

  • Advanced age
  • Chronic coughing
  • Failure of the abdominal wall (congenital defect)
  • Damage from surgery or injury
  • Being pregnant
  • Fluid in the abdomen
  • Lifting heavy weights
  • Constipation
  • Obesity
  • Persistent sneezing or coughing
  • Surgery which weakens the muscles

A large hernia with bowelA large hernia with bowel as contents being operated

Is hernia dangerous?

Yes, hernia is absolutely dangerous if it is not addressed adequately because in some cases hernias cease from growing but it won’t get smaller. In some extreme cases, it can become so large where the abdominal cavity can collapse making the repair so much difficult.

It is better to get a hernia surgery when it is relatively small than to wait until it grows in size. Smaller hernias are easier to repair and the recovery time for those types of surgeries can be much shorter.

When hernias get bigger it can be dangerous and become more susceptible to strangulation and incarceration. It can also stop blood from flowing freely to the tissue which can lead to gangrene or tissue death. This further leads to parts of organs rupturing or dying where the requirement of surgery has to be done immediately.

If hernias are untreated, it may become harder to manage causing discomfort, pain and in worse scenarios it can be life-threatening.

Is hernia curable?

Usually, a hernia does not get cured without surgical procedure. Non-surgical treatments such as wearing a binder, corset or truss may exert a gentle pressure and keep the hernia in place.

These methods can ease the pain or discomfort but it cannot be completely cured. This can just provide a temporary relief but surgery is the only treatment for curing hernia.

Also, conservative or non-surgical treatment has to be done strictly under a doctor’s supervision because it can lead to many complications like bowel obstruction and strangulation (a part of the bowel gets trapped in a way that cuts off its blood supply).

Hernia surgery cost in Chennai

At Hande hospitals, we focus on a holistic approach with our most experienced expert laparoscopic surgeons and multi-specialty surgeons in Chennai with cost effective options.

An estimated hernia surgery cost in Chennai ranges between Rs.70,000 – Rs.85,000. For a complex grade treatment, the surgical cost ranges between Rs.85,000 – Rs. 1,00,000 and more.

However, the treatment cost depends on the type of hernia and is influenced by multiple factors including the severity of the condition, added complications, choice of hospital, expertise of the doctor and the surgical method.

A laparoscopic surgery is more advanced and costs higher than the traditional open cut surgery because it requires more specialized medical tools. The procedure is quite simple with zero cuts and stitches.

If your hernia is causing various issues, you can contact our experts to get the best and advanced treatments because the treatment of every hernia is individualize

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