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Why Does Top Thread Keep Breaking in Embroidery While Embroidering

Why Does Top Thread Keep Breaking in Embroidery While Embroidering

To prevent thread breaking in embroidery, A correct thread setting can ensure seamless sewing procedures for smooth stitching along with embroidery designs, styling, and stitching. When you are in the higher thread session as well as in the threading session below, different tensions are used. One of the main aspects for embroiderers is to learn how to operate the sewing machine and fix the thread properly? Incorrect threading of the machine could be among the main reasons why the the top thread is constantly breaking. Do not worry, we'll assist you in finding the root of the issue. Here are some of the reasons you're experiencing problems with the top thread continues to break as well as possibilities for solutions:

The Tension Of Your Thread Is Too High:

After ensuring that the upper thread is correctly positioned make sure that the tension isn't excessively tight. The thread on top will not function properly if there's an issue there. Take a look at the tension on the top strand , and make the necessary adjustments by using the machine's nobs.

Improper Top Threading:

If the top thread continues to break during sewing it is likely that it's not correctly inserted into the sewing machine. By watching the thread to ensure it is correctly set. This will allow you to identify the root of the broken thread on the top of the machine embroidery designs and make sure that the whole machine has been examined for any other problems.

Damaged Needles:

Deburring or natural defects in sewing machine needles happen when they are made. When you insert a needle into the sewing machine might encounter one that's broken or deformed. This isn't a common occurrence however, it happens sometimes. The automatic needle threader hook won't be able to assemble properly when your needle is damaged. This could be the reason why your the top thread continues to break when the sewing. Replace the needle by a new one.

Threads Of Poor Quality:

It is evident that the quality of thread is not good enough, so this upper thread is constantly breaking. Because of aging the thread could be weakening enough that it might break when put under mild pressure. As a professional maker, you can easily identify the thread's quality by testing it using your hands, and then replacing it as soon as you can.

The Bobbin Case Is Filthy:

Your hook's speed could be delayed in the event that there is excessive amount of foam in your bobbin's case, which causes the thread to get caught and, as a result that your top thread is constantly breaking inside the machine. Clean your machine on a every other day to ensure it is in good operating position.

Here Are Some Solutions For Fixing This Issue:

Understanding the causes of breaking the sewn the top thread breaking can only be useful with the help of a solution. After that there are some ideas to address the problem with your upper thread:

  • Check that your thread's path is free of obstructions. Be sure that there are no stray threads, or needles block the thread path or causing the thread to be interrupted.
  • Choose the right thread to complete the task that you're working. Based on the type of stitch you're using as well as embroidery on, thread's thickness will vary.
  • Make sure you use the right needle for the fabric and method you're working on. A needle that is smaller is, for instance, recommended for delicate or thin fabrics, while a larger needle is required for bulkier fabric.
  • Check for any cutaway pieces left over from previous embroidery projects inside your bobbin case. Scraps of debris can untangle your thread of your bobbin.


The most effective method to finish your sewing tasks is when your machine is performing at its most efficient. But the fact that sewing machines are an efficient tool doesn't mean it's without flaws or issues. There could be a problem in your sewing machine since the the top thread gets damaged during the sewing.

It may be challenging to identify the problem however, you have to be able to identify the issue. It is always possible to consult professionals to see what you can do to resolve the issue on your own or adhere to these guidelines.

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