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How do I Choose a Cloud Telephony Provider?

How do I Choose a Cloud Telephony Provider?


The modern business landscape has changed with cloud services. Moreover, the pandemic has made businesses switch to cloud services than traditional methods. Cloud telephony providers are in demand these days.


With communications hosted over cloud, cloud telephony providers have made it easy to scale up businesses. Many businesses have adopted cloud telephony services and found them worthwhile. Cloud telephony services have many advantages like easy accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility.


When compared to on-premise/PBX systems, these advantages are desirable. This is the reason why it has become the most popular option for communication these days. Cloud telephony has helped many SMEs and enterprises to offer better customer service in their businesses. So while many businesses are deploying cloud telephony, choosing the right one is bothersome.


Nevertheless, this article will guide you through the top criteria to focus on while choosing the best cloud telephony provider.


1. Capability Check


The foremost criterion is to run a quick capability check. This means one should check if the cloud telephony can


·        Route sales calls

·        Support calls and call recordings

·        Support call transfer

·        Allow one to send updates to customers

·        Has an IVR feature

·        Provides a Toll-free number, virtual telephone number, analytic reports, power dialers

·        Has integration support for existing CRM Allows one to send bulk SMS, allows one to use an API, call barge in

·        Is easier to set up and migrate the data effectively

·        Has mobility features like supports the service on mobile apps (on iPhone or Android)

·        Is available round the clock, etc. 


2. Dependability Check 



The next criteria while choosing a cloud telephony provider is to run a dependability check i.e. whether the cloud telephony has an accurate uptime in the sense that one can continue working without getting affected by any issues or jitters. They should have a backup they can rely on. Reputable cloud telephony solutions like Office24by7 provide 99.999% uptime as a part of the service level agreement/SLA. 


3. Security and Industry Compliance Check 


Security and industry compliance check is yet another important criterion to be considered while choosing a cloud telephony provider especially because business communication data is sensitive and needs to be protected. 


Check whether the cloud telephony solution provided has security certifications and industry compliances like


·        ISO/IEC 20071 (for threat responses),

·        HIPAA compliance (voice and fax services),

·        Network and database encryption,

·        Allows monitoring of screen time,

·        Offers two-factor authentication for login,

·        PCI compliance (handling credit card payments),

·        SOC 2 compliance (for data integrity and privacy),

·        GDPR compliance,

·        Data backup and recovery, etc


Besides, the best cloud telephony provider should allow data migration compliance. 


4. Trial option check 


Before you buy a cloud telephony solution from a provider, try the trial version of the solution. This is to check its features, efficiency, and performance. Make sure that it is easy to setup. Also, check if it is flexible in allowing one to add/delete agents, is changeable according to the agents’ shifts, etc. 


5. Pricing check 


Last but not least check if the pricing of the cloud telephony solution has a true cost of ownership and is transparent. This means that you do not get surprised with a bill that was quite different from what you signed up for. So remember to check for the mandatory taxes and other fees billed along with the sign-up amount. Also check if there are extra fees billed as per the number of users, availability of discounts, additional features, etc.  



Even though every business’ requirements vary, you can find a cloud telephony solution that meets them. The trick is to find the best cloud telephony provider that can meet the top criteria above. 


The best cloud telephony provider should be able to deliver the best of the best customer service. You can rely on word of mouth from people using it or rely on online reviews, and testimonials. 


Office24by7 is the best cloud telephony provider offering many desirable features along with transparent pricing. If you are interested to know more about our cloud telephony solution, contact us at +91 7097171717 or drop an email at [email protected] today.

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