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Who Should I Consult About My Back Pain?

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Who Should I Consult About My Back Pain?

Long days at work, especially those working behind a desk for most of the day can cause pain and discomfort. Stretching may help with this but it's not always enough! There are many other factors that contribute to lower-back problems like heavy lifting or improper posture which all require medical attention instead of just trying some stretches out on your own time.

Slipped in the kitchen and fallen? No shame there. Or maybe you’ve just been spending too much time looking down at your phone, which has caused neck pain that makes turning heads difficult for now. The future of your back and neck are in safe hands with these research-proven solutions. A physical therapist or chiropractor Farmers Branch can help you manage pain without medication, but which one should be used?

You may be wondering what sets physical therapists apart from chiropractors. The main difference is that while both can treat injuries and chronic pain, there are additional certifications required for those with specific concerns about their spine or neurological system- which means they focus more on the treatment of these issues than just cracking your back!

What sort of problems do they handle?

Physical therapists are the go-to professionals for those looking to get back on their feet and lead a more active lifestyle. They specialize in treating injuries or conditions that impact movement, helping you rebuild strength & endurance after surgery with treatments such as massage therapy!

Chiropractors are experts in treating a wide range of health problems that affect the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, including joint pain or muscle discomfort. People who receive chiropractor care typically have trouble with their back, neck, arms legs, etc., which may lead them to experience headaches too!

How do they treat?

The physical therapy Farmers Branch specialist will help you get back on your feet and live a more fulfilling life. They’ll explain what caused the problem, then work with patients through exercises that improve function over time- all while being sensitive to individual needs!

PT treatment programs range from a few weeks to several months, and they include 30-60 minute sessions with the therapist. You'll also get an at-home exercise plan as part of this package!

chiropractors are the go-to for relief from pain in your spine. They focus more on realigning vertebrae with spinal manipulation, which relieves tension and releases muscle groups to stop you from hurting as much! Chiropractor visits last around 10 -30 minutes each so it's best not just one visit but several over time will help get rid of this condition completely.

Will the treatment be beneficial for me?

People with chronic pain and those who want to avoid surgery should consider seeing a physical therapist or chiropractor first. In some cases, they may be able to eliminate the cause of their problem instead of just treating symptoms with medication- which means no more prescriptions!

Physical therapists promote long-term health by teaching patients how to manage their condition and prevent the reoccurrence of pain. Active participation through education helps them advocate for themselves, which is essential in managing a chronic illness like this one!

Chiropractors are essential to the treatment of back pain. They offer immediate relief from discomfort and restore stability in function by correcting posture problems that can result due to lack or improper positioning during sleep hours, among other things!

Final Thoughts

Back pain can strike at any time; it’s always best to be prepared. Physical therapists and chiropractors offer different types of treatments for your condition, so use this information as well as do research on what would work out better with you individually in order to decide who should receive treatment from them!

Core Integrative Health
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