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Best ID Card Printer Brands

rasna rasin
Best ID Card Printer Brands

Our technology advances as time does. The transformations are very much reflected in ID card printing technologies too. Now there are different types of printers from top ID card printer brands in 2022 to make the printing simpler and more effective. Once outsourcing ID card printing was considered to be more economic and convenient since the ID card printers were quite expensive and complex to operate.

Now, as mentioned in the beginning, technological advancements give quite a lot of opportunities to print our own cards without a hand of tech-savvy. Be it hospital, hotel, bank, educational institute, or any other sector, in-house ID card printing is effortless, economic, and more reliable.

In this blog, let’s explore the 5 best ID card printers you can rely on for your printing need. Since each printer is unique in its own way. This write-up does not rank them according to their performance. Rather, you can choose these high-quality printers as per your requirements.

What Makes advanced ID card printers so special?

Let’s elaborate on some of the points mentioned in the introduction to see what the notable characteristics of ID card printers are. It’s inevitable to check these features before you choose an ID card printing in Dubai detail

Print capacity

How many ID cards do you need to get printed regularly? You need to ask this question before jumping to a decision. The number of cards printed in an hour depends upon the type of the card as well. Single-sided, dual-sided, monochrome, coloured; all these determine the capacity of the printer.


The interface is all about its flexibility to use. Several aspects make it really easy to operate. The printing technology which can be done in a few clicks and an intuitive screen that offers all details make things effortless.

Methods of printing

There are different types of ID cards with different designs, colours, uneven surfaces and so on. Plus, office identity cards, school IDs all differ in style. There are retransfer printers, dual-sided card printers, direct-to-card printing and so on.

Quality of card

Durability is one of the features which is highly dependent on the colours printed on the card. Data to be encoded including barcodes, magnetic stripes, RFID tags, and smart chips also an important aspect of a printer. Lamination is another feature that determines the quality.

Now here is our top ID card printer brands and their iconic printers.

Entrust Artista CR805 ID Card Printers

Entrust is undoubtedly the leader of ID card printers with its unique printers. And one we choose is Entrust Artista Cr805 Retransfer ID Card Printer. The retransfer pigment technology and 600 dots per inch (dpi) print resolution make brilliant colour and great image quality. High-end security is another impressive aspect of Artista CR805 with its card-to-cardholder authentication. It is capable of single-sided, dual-sided, as well as over-the-edge printing.

Print speed

Single-sided (CMYK) – up to 110 cards per hour (cph)

Double-sided (CMYK-K) – up to 65 cards per hour (cph)

Zebra ZC300 ID Card Printers

If all ID card printers are known for how the cards look, the Zebra ZC300 ID Card printer is a step ahead with the printer’s sleek design. Probably the slimmest printer you might come across. This quality makes the printer fit anywhere and anyone can operate it effortlessly. Even though it’s slim in size, the features match the top-notch printers. This is beyond printing ID cards; you can print membership cards, credit or debit cards as well. As it appears its simplicity is the most appreciable aspect. Single and dual sides are possible.

Print speed

Single-sided: Color – 200 cph Mono – 900 cph

Dual-sided: Color – 140 cph Mono – 450 cph

rasna rasin
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