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Newborn Photography Tips

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Newborn Photography Tips

We have featured some important tips on newborn photo sessions to keep the day running smoothly and get your beautiful shots of your bundle of joy.

Why should you choose to have a professional newborn photo shoot?

As a new parent (or returning one) you will fast find that those squishy newborn days are fleeting and seem to fly by. You would like to take every inch of a new bundle of joy in your arms. Now is the time to enjoy the sweet smell of your newborn, soft baby skin and little fingers grabbing at yours before they grow into the next phase of life.

When to schedule a newborn photo shoot.

The best time is between 5-14 days, as baby has recovered enough from birth, is at maximum squishiness and will usually be fairly content to sleep (or chill) during the session.

It’s recommended you book in advance with your preferred photographer. Let’s face it, we are all busy and you wouldn’t want to miss out on your favourite photographer due to scheduling. Most photographers will let you book in a time frame for a newborn photoshoot. That way if baby decides to enter this world early (or late), you will be covered.

You can definitely have photos taken of your new bub after 14 days but you might not see some of the traditional ‘newborn’ poses as baby is waking up more and more to world around them. If you prefer photos of your baby at an older age, here at Fine Photography we offer a Newborn Unwrapped session for babies 6-8weeks.

What to bring to your newborns first photography session.

For a newborn photo shoot to go smoother, you need to be prepared with all the essentials for the day. For example, snack, clothes to change, toys and props. On the note of siblings – if other kids are there be sure to bring some entertainment for them.

How to dress for newborn photos.

First and foremost, it’s best to remember that a lot of newborn photos are of them unclothed so be sure to loosen their nappy and clothes at least half an hour before to minimise any red marks. Aside from that, about 2-3 ‘outfit’ changes might be good to include as well - this might be a cute outfit or a simple onesie. Also think about props you might like to use such as blankets or toys and be sure to bring them along.

If you are having family portraits with baby, you will need to think about what you and any siblings are wearing for the photography session as well. We have gone into great detail in this previously so take a look at how to dress for a photoshoot.

Baby sleep, feeding and temperament during your session.

Make sure baby is kept as comfortable and happy as possible (relatively speaking) to get those beautiful shots in. Babies at this age don’t often have sleep and feeding schedules as yet, so you want to be aware and try to work in with that. It’s best to make sure baby is fed right before the session and you may want to keep baby awake leading up to it. This will create a higher chance of them sleeping peacefully for photos. If you have a baby that spits up a fair bit after feeding, it might be best to feed about 30 minutes before the session to minimise this impacting things as well.

Most professional photographers will take care of the comfort of baby with things like the air temperature being warm enough so a naked baby is snuggly and warm and doesn’t get cold so that’s one less thing you need to think about. This is especially easier in a studio environment.

A final note to remember

The most important thing to remember to be prepared for a newborn photography session (including a family photography session) is to go with the flow and manage your own expectations. When taking photos of a mostly naked baby (and throw in siblings) things can and often do go ‘wrong’. A good professional photographer will be aware of this and has probably ‘seen it all before’. Baby’s feel very strongly the emotions of those around them, especially primary care givers such a mum and dad. It’s important that everyone stays calm and enjoys the day. It will all be worth it in the end as you sit back and enjoy those beautiful keepsake photos of baby (and your family) to now treasure forever.

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