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Celebrating Senior Citizens Day

Celebrating Senior Citizens Day

World’s Senior Citizens day is a day to celebrate the wisdom and achievements of our seniors, but it is also a day to advocate for the rights of senior citizens across the globe.

It is easy to disregard the older people in our communities, because they don’t play an active role in the economy anymore, yet they also had a great impact on the community you live in today.

Many of the people in your old age home achieved great things when they were younger. Senior Citizens Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate this. How to make a senior citizen’s day. There are many ways in which you can get involved this Senior Citizens Day. Here are a few ideas.

Visit a senior

Many residents of old age homes live far from their children and don’t receive many different visitors. Head over there on Senior Citizens Day and simply visit someone who is lonely.

If their eyesight isn’t what it used to be and they enjoyed reading very much, you could read them the paper or their favorite book. If the seniors in your area are more mobile, take them out for a walk to the local park or have a picnic in the shade. If you have kids, bring them along to add a bit of cheer to their day.

Hand out flowers

Hand out small bunches of flowers to every senior citizen you see on the day. They don’t have to be in an old age home to be a senior. It is wonderful to see someone’s face light up at the simple gesture of receiving a pretty flower.

Make something for them to remember

If you feel like making a project out of Senior Citizens day and contributing your creative skills, you could visit the seniors in your community and ask them what their greatest achievement was. Make a booklet, a poster or a certificate that you can give them to remember and for other senior citizens in the area to commemorate each other’s achievements. You could even get the kids involved in this one.

Gather stories from seniors in the community

Let your kids draw a picture of each, and make posters with a name, picture and story of each participant. Organize an exhibition in the local school or church to show that you are proud of the senior citizens in your community.

Raise awareness

A major issue surrounding Senior Citizens Day is also the health services they receive, or often don’t receive. In many less fortunate communities, the seniors don’t receive the healthcare they need.

If you know of such a circumstance, you might want to raise awareness of the issue by informing local newspapers or organizing a small march or get together.

Raise funds for a necessity

There are always shortages at old age homes and retirement villages often have a list of items they would like to purchase or upgrades they would like to make. Raise funds through your work or your children’s school and put it towards something that is truly needed by the seniors in your community.

If you don’t have something concrete to put money towards, then simply organize a lunch, party or picnic for the senior citizens in your area. Serve them a wonderful lunch, or buy cakes and sweet treats and serve coffee and tea.

Otherwise, find a comfortable spot outside and host a picnic. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just arrange something to make the seniors feel special and spoiled for one afternoon.

Start at home

The most important seniors in your life are still your immediate family. If you’re lucky to have your parents or grandparents in your life, make an effort to connect with them or spend time with them on Seniors Citizens Day.

If they live far away, a phone call or video call will make their day. Ask how they are and listen to all the stories you never get time to listen to. If you’re lucky to have your elders live nearby, drive over there and visit or take them out for the day.

Ask them about their achievements, or just talk about whatever they want to talk about.

Simply spending quality time together is already a great way to show the senior citizens in your life that you appreciate them. You can also register older people in your family on social networks for the elderly so that they can meet new friends and participate in various activities.

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