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Threat To Environment Is Fueling The Growth Of Electric Bikes In India

Threat To Environment Is Fueling The Growth Of Electric Bikes In India

Electric mobility, in the form of electric bikes and scooters, has made a big splash in the Indian market. Any discussion on e bikes in India must include climate change and its consequences, fossil fuel dependence, and the urgent need for alternative energy sources such as solar, air, and even hydrogen. The continual danger to the environment has been extremely beneficial for electric bikes in India, which has a huge market for such products. But, many commuters don’t know that riding an electric bike has become more adventurous than ever.

Expert’s take on the rise of electric bikes in India and world:

There are ample reasons to identify the stupendous growth of electric bikes in india that is seeing a large number of new Electric Bikes dealership across the country. Many people prefer e bikes for their simplicity and minimalism while others prefer them for their lightweight nature.

Mobility services are getting a major revamp in India and automobile manufacturers are caught concerned about the fact. Experts pointed out various reasons and as per many, this change was always looking inevitable.

An article published in Elsevier by Stephen Brown, David Pyke, Paul Steenhof says that “The broad-scale adoption of the electric vehicle could bring significant changes for society in terms of not only the technologies we use for personal transportation, but also moving our economies away from petroleum and lessening the environmental footprint of transportation”.

Prominent Climate Scientist and Author, Dr. Zeke Hausfather, through his tweet, says that “Electric vehicles are an important tool in decarbonizing transportation”.

An Indian e-commerce marketplace IndiaGoSolar, founded by alumni of IIT, IIM among other professionals, tweets that “Electric vehicles (EVs) are an important part of meeting global goals on climate change. Government of India is supporting EVs aggressively & investing in near future more than Rs 12.5 trillion in EV charging infrastructure”.

Hence, at this stage, you can imagine the magnitude of works undergoing in various places regarding electric vehicles on the streets. India is also expecting a tsunami of foreign investment in the EV sector while many indigenous firms are already collaborating with foreign firms to boost technology innovation.

4 basic reasons for electric bike’s spectacular rise in India:

1. The world community is mired with issues related to climate change that is devastating the planet’s ecology and marine life while affecting crops and fertile lands. Electric Bikes will encourage e-mobility and reduce the growth of ICE vehicles.

2. Secondly, dependence on fossil fuels like petrol and diesel is not only getting uncertain and expensive but is also damaging for the government and the environment. So, you can rely on renewable energy and e mobility to regulate the issue. This is the reason you are seeing an increased number of electric bike dealerships in India.

3. Rising pollution is one of the primary causes behind India's recent measures to accelerate the transition to electric mobility with Electric Scooty and electric cars.

4. The rising temperature in the coastal areas and other countries are making life difficult for habitants, which is resulting in migration of human population at a vast scale as lands are becoming infertile and incompatible for crops. Rising temperature is also melting the glaciers threatening lives with the increase in water level in the low-lying areas near the oceans and seas.

The bottom line is that there are a myriad of issues, which are fueling the growth of battery bikes in India and other parts of the world. For example, In Norway, pure electric vehicles account for 50% of all new car sales. This became largely possible due to the government’s intervention in the EV sector with lucrative manufacturing and EV-adopting incentives.

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