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10 Simple Rules To Ditch Away All Software Outsourcing Problems

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10 Simple Rules To Ditch Away All Software Outsourcing Problems

Nowadays, it is quite impossible for any business to operate and make profits without relying on IT services and the internet. Entities like neighbourhood fast-food joints to MNC operating across continents, every business is making use of web and software solutions. While using readymade software applications is an option, in some instances, businesses find such applications inadequate for their needs. Sometimes, using a customised application is the best option for businesses hailing from multiple disciplines. They usually opt for outsourcing for custom application development.

Understanding software outsourcing related woes and ways to overcome these

There are many obvious benefits of resorting to software development outsourcing. Thousands of European and US-based businesses opt for the services of Software development outsourcing agencies located in Asian countries. However, a section of foreign entities still feels hesitant about hiring an offshore web development company in India. They feel sceptical about certain issues related to software development outsourcing. 

Software development outsourcing can prove to be a mixed bag experience. However, a lot of hassles related to the process can be eliminated when you do the homework right. You have to know the ways to assess the credibility and suitability of an offshore software company to begin with. You will also have to be well versed in spotting the hidden loopholes involved with the offshore software development process. 

Listed below are the common problems associated with offshore software development and ways to override those issues:

  • Focusing only on the cost-efficacy factor- This is a big mistake many businesses commit while hiring an offshore development company. Of course, opting for an offshore application development company proves to be lighter on the wallet, and these agencies offer lower rates than their peers in other countries. After the pandemic, hiring software outsourcing agencies is a prudent step. However, the truth is you should not skip performing the assessment of these offshore vendors while hiring them. 
  • Not checking for flexibility- It would be a gross mistake not to check if an offshore software development agency is flexible or not while signing up for its services. This can lead to cost escalation and delays later. So, when you look for such entities, try to find out if they are flexible enough for your needs. For example, in a collaborative development model- you should preferably sign up with an offshore company that agrees to work as per your time zones. Picking a company with developers having skills in multiple languages can be beneficial for your company. 
  • Not checking for customization options- Do not sign up for the services of an offshore software application vendor before checking out the customization options offered by it. You are hiring a custom application development company primarily because you want a solution with features that match your business needs perfectly. 

Before you sign up with any offshore software development company, get information on customization options offered by it. Try to find out if the company can develop a multilingual application, for example. If you want a custom application that has to adhere to regulatory standards like HIPAA, check that with the vendor beforehand.

  • Not checking support terms- Just getting a customised application for your venture will not be enough. You will need the support of the vendor from time to time. The support is not limited to getting version updates and security patches alone. If the application breaks down or any bug is discovered, you will need prompt intervention by the developer. So, before signing up with an offshore software developer, ensure you learn the nuances of support offered. It is great if the developer offers support through multiple channels. 
  • Skipping the service terms- If you are hiring an offshore application development company for the first time, ensure you learn about the service terms offered by it. Overlooking this aspect may make you face many hassles later, and cost escalation may take place too. The top application development companies explain service nuances to the clients at the early stage. They are likely to offer you a timeline for custom application development. You have to look for exclusion clauses while checking its service terms. 
  • Not checking security aspects- Just getting a custom application created for your business is not adequate. You cannot afford to overlook the security factor when getting such applications developed by an offshore vendor. There are so many examples of big IT firms and MNCs losing valuable data and customer information owing to software loopholes exploited by malicious hackers. The results include long and expensive lawsuits and tarnishing of brand image. Surely, you do not want that to happen to your company.

Before you hire an offshore application development company, ensure you learn about security provisions used by it for software solution creation. Top software vendors deploy encryption and multi-level authentication in their offerings. 

  • Not assessing the portfolio- Even if you are in a hurry to hire an offshore application development agency, skipping the portfolio will be a big mistake. You should keep ample time to evaluate applications developed by such a vendor. Check applications made by it on grounds like UI/UX, security, ease of usage, resource usage and customization, etc.
  • Not checking client reviews- An offshore application development agency can tell you many lofty things about its services and achievements. However, you should evade assessing the company solely based on those claims. It is always advisable that you keep some time for checking out the feedback of its clients. Finding their feedback online should not be hard, and exploring social media circles will be useful in this regard. 
  • Not checking the expertise of developers- You may want a custom application for your company to be developed on specific platforms and technologies. It can be a cloud-based service or a PHP-based application, for example. So, it makes sense to find out if the offshore software vendor has developers with relevant skill sets or not. You may need developers for the project with skillsets in both front and back-end technologies, as well.
  • Overlooking the response of the vendor- No matter how glitzy the website of an offshore software development company is, you cannot overlook the importance of the reaction or response received. A professional agency in this sector will revert to client queries fast. It will explain its service terms and support provisions to the clients as well. 

In fact, you can expect a consultation session, real-life or video-based, from such agencies. It would be good to evade software outsourcing agencies that are keen on getting you signed up at the earliest without bothering to clarify queries. 

Summing it up

Given the tough economic situation and the rising cost of business operations, hiring an offshore software development vendor is a prudent step for any brand. However, it is important to assess the contenders on the key parameters, and skipping the evaluation may cost you dearly.

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