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How to Choose the Best Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

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How to Choose the Best Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

My knowledge of agriculture made me know that one of the basic requirements or conditions for a plant to grow and develop optimally is adequate Sunlight. There is a reason for the adjective “adequate” because there are some plants that would require extreme and consistent sunlight for growth especially when it involves growing them indoors. Conducting indoor gardening can be demanding and you need the best grow lights for indoor plants to aid in the supply of adequate light to the plants which they need in the presence of other conditions to grow optimally. The growing lights serve as a substitute for sunlight and have the capability to initiate photosynthesis in the plant.

Because there is a necessity to employ the use of grow light that can induce photosynthesis, the best LED grow lights come to mind although, they are not the only grow light for indoor plants we have.

Some plants require a specific kind of color that will enhance their growth while some needs to employ an intermittent alternating of lights to sustain their light condition requirement. I'll be exposing some of the various best grow lights for indoor plants and how to choose the best that aligns with each plant.

Types of Growing Light Plants

Before choosing the type of grow light that suits your plant(s), it is ideal to know the various lighting options we have. We have the incandescent, fluorescent, and LED grow light plants with each being important to some plant’s growth. For example, some plants will thrive well in red light background with fewer emissions. Your knowledge of the different plant growth lights will help you know the best option to choose from.

  • Incandescent light: the incandescent light is known for its least efficiency with relatively high heat output. Although, it is the least expensive plant grow light option one can go in for.
  • Florescent light: they come either as a tube or as compact fluorescent. They have a low heat output with a display of considerable light spectrum. When compared with incandescent light, they are most than them.
  • LED light: this is the most recent in the market with high energy efficiency, very low heat output, and the ideal light spectrum.

With the above information at hand, you can now determine which color light suits best plant grow light.

Best plant grow light

  1. To induce photosynthesis, having a color of violet-blue light in the wavelength of 400-520 is ideal
  2. For budding and flowering plants, having a red light with a wavelength of 610-720 is ideal.

Among the above plant grow light, the LED right meets this requirement.

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