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7 B2B eCommerce Best Practices to Keep Your Business Ahead of the Curve

Anna Sharland
7 B2B eCommerce Best Practices to Keep Your Business Ahead of the Curve

Business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce isn’t easy, and it never will be. There are lots of challenges to keep your business ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing, sales, and product development—and that’s before you even factor in market competition, customer retention, and revenue stream optimization! It’s no wonder so many businesses fail within the first five years of operation; this infographic outlines seven best practices that can help B2B eCommerce professionals stay on top of their game without losing sight of their goals or their customers.

1) Start with Purpose

While it might be tempting to jump straight into building your product, take some time at first to determine who you’re building for and what problem you’re solving. If you don’t have a purpose, chances are you won’t find many customers once your product is built. A recent CB Insights report estimated that 91% of startups fail in their first 18 months—and lack of customer validation was one reason cited in 42% of those cases.

2) Create an Experience

For most businesses, setting up an online store simply isn’t enough anymore. To keep your customers engaged, you need to create a compelling experience. For most retail businesses, that means stocking more inventory than your website can actually display at any given time. This allows you to fulfill orders faster and reduce friction on your customer shopping experience—so they buy more often. Hire developers in India so that you can provide an intuitive user experience across all devices.

3) Incorporate Technology

In today’s business world, companies are constantly trying to outdo each other by offering cutting-edge technology. Incorporating a more technologically advanced system into your company will make you seem progressive and poised for growth. Hire developers in India from an eCommerce development company that can work with you on developing a new, innovative platform for your brand.

4) Find Ways to Stand Out

Aside from being a great place for personal growth, there are few other reasons people look forward to work each day. But if you want your company to win and thrive in today’s marketplace, it’s imperative that you do more than simply exist—you need to stand out. There are many paths you can take toward achieving distinction, but two of the best ways involve hiring new developers in India or signing up with an eCommerce development company that provides both transactional and marketing services.

5) Have a Solid Marketing Strategy

eCommerce businesses are more complex than typical brick-and-mortar shops, so having a solid marketing strategy is more important than ever. If you’re looking for help with your online marketing efforts, it might be time to consider hiring an agency. Rather than being outsourced by a specific project, ecommerce development companies in India can work on an ongoing basis with your company as a partner, using your mission and goals as guidance.

6) Get Influencers On Board

Influencers can do a lot more than just boost your sales—they can help you grow your brand by providing valuable insight into what’s going on in your industry. Take time to find influencers who are relevant to your company and ask them questions about their business that you think might be helpful for you, too. Then work out a way they can share their insights with you or write an original piece that shares those tips with readers.

7) Be Comfortable With Analytics

It’s essential that you hire developers in India who can help your business plan a sound data analytics strategy. Properly identifying customer pain points and engaging them at just the right moment is key to increasing sales and winning over new customers. Analytics are an integral part of any successful online retail operation, so make sure you hire experienced professionals from India who know how to use these tools effectively. Hire eCommerce developers today!


Hiring an in-house eCommerce developer can be a smart investment. Not only does it have long-term cost benefits, but it can also help differentiate your business from others in your industry and position you as an authority in your space. Remember: success is all about keeping ahead of trends. Keeping up with new technology and methodologies will always keep you one step ahead and allow you to bring even better experiences for your customers and clients. This is why staying informed about new technologies—as well as implementing best practices for marketing and sales techniques—are so important when growing your company online. If you're ready to turn your b2b website into a competitive advantage, contact us today!

Anna Sharland
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