How Beneficial Is It To Opt Dutch Bucket System?

Arman Kumar

Indian agricultural practices need a drastic change for the welfare of the food providers. Scientific and new techniques should be deployed for higher certainty and increased production. Farming methods, like hydroponics, are the perfect way to deal with agrarian issues and end the plight of the farmers. One of the hydroponic farming methods using which any type of crop can be cultivated is the Dutch bucket System

It is also called the Bato bucket system, which is an arrangement of a bucket, reservoir, pump, drips, and pipes that are used to grow numerous crops of varied sizes. It has numerous advantages that make the technique quite unique and worthy of appreciation.

The Dutch hydroponic system requires a reservoir to store nutrient solution and also the excess nutrient water solution supplied to the roots of the plant. A pump is used to carry the nutrient solution to the crops that are indeed in need of them. Now, the excess fluid is again collected in the reservoir and rotated again for feeding the crops.

Benefits Of Using Dutch Bucket System

Big Domain Of Crop Size

The biggest advantage of deploying a dutch hydroponic system is that you can grow a crop of any size. Their size will never be an issue. Whether it is a small crop like a tomato or a big crop, all of them will grow properly. This freedom is not provided in any other type of hydroponic system.

Low Investment

Setting up the dutch bucket system is neither complex nor expensive. Compared to other types of hydroponic systems, it requires very little investment and hence is considered a good avenue for beginners to put their money. The parts of these systems are easily available in the market, and hence finding them will not be a big deal.

High Productivity

As the nutrients are provided to the root itself, the crops need not extend their roots for their requirement. Due to the lesser extension of roots, a crop consumes less space, and hence you can accommodate numerous crops in a small space. Also, there is an option to do vertical cropping. So, productivity is exponentially raised. Along with the protective environment and high density of crops, the yield is multifold than what is expected from land farming.

Nutrient Efficiency

As recommended, the crops should be provided with nutrient solutions only for certain periods in a day. It may be three or four times. The nutrients are not always supplied to the crop’s roots; there is a brief interval too. The nutrients in the reservoir are best utilized in a dutch hydroponic system.

Other benefits

  • A big crop market can benefit the farmer
  • Perennial growth of any crop 
  • No soil degradation
  • No water loss
  • Minimal crop damage

To Sum Up

A hydroponic system is one of the best methods to revolutionise agricultural practices and associated output. With the discovery of the dutch bucket system, a significant impact is already witnessed in the lives of many Indian farmers. With just a little care and investment, a farmer can grow anything. There is minimal chance of crop damage and any damage done to the environment. Every farmer dreams of higher income, and to make this dream a reality, Agriplast Protected Cultivation has prepared authentic and reliable products for the best hydroponic farming experience. Connect with us at [email protected] and get ready for the exponential growth trajectory of your farm produce

Arman Kumar
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