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6 Common Flaws Discovered During New Home Building Inspections

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6 Common Flaws Discovered During New Home Building Inspections

Many buyers of newly built homes are unclear as to why they want a home inspection. Although buying a newly constructed home ensures you will encounter fewer issues, it doesn't imply the home is in optimal condition.

Although most builders have a high level of skill, some issues can go undetected, which might have a big impact on both protection and expenditures. Therefore, prepare for new home building inspections in Melbourne as soon as possible to avoid possible pitfalls in your brand-new residence.

Here are 6 faults that are commonly found during new building inspections by qualified home inspectors:

Roofing Issues

During a house inspection in Melbourne, it's usual to find compromised roofs in new homes. On occasion, poor installation of shingles is detected. Roof leaks, damaged or absent flashings, nail pops, and a lack of circulation are further roofing issues that can cause the roof to quickly deteriorate.

Structural Issues

When builders ignore the necessary curing time for concrete, which is essential for block and poured foundation constructions, early cracking and displacement in foundation walls might arise. Poor farming practices, which may be initially unnoticeable, can cause the drywall to have fractures.

Drainage Issues

Poor drainage systems are among the most common faults in newly built residences. Stormwater flow that is insufficient can signal that the gutters will have to be adjusted. You must have your outdoor and indoor drainage systems checked since drainage concerns can severely damage your lawn and property.

Electrical Issues

Homes, whether new or old, are the most typical place to discover electrical flaws. They ought to be considered seriously since they could result in fatalities, explosions, or potential threats. In new home builds, it's essential to watch out for electrical issues like switch plates that are absent, outlets that are poorly wired, and much more.

Attic Insulation Issues

Your attic will be inspected as part of the new building inspection to ensure that it is appropriately insulated and that there are no breaches that could expose the attic floor. Your residence will always be healthy, cosy, and energy-efficient if your attic is adequately insulated.

Plumbing Issues

Leaks and other plumbing problems shouldn't be neglected because they lead to hazardous mould growth and substantial property damage. Other plumbing issues found during new apartment inspections in Melbourne include leaky faucets, slow or blocked drains, and malfunctioning fixtures.

These are the 6 common defects found during new home building inspections. If you like this piece of content, share it with your friends, and get back to us for more exciting posts!

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