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Benefits of Professional Interior Car Cleaning

Kevin Gomez
Benefits of Professional Interior Car Cleaning

When it comes to keeping a car clean, many people clean the outside but neglect the interior. While it can be tempting to be content with merely giving the inside of your vehicle a lick and a promise now and then, there are many compelling reasons to consider implementing a professional interior detail several times a year. Keeping up with your interior is every bit as important as cleaning your exterior. Think about it this way, you wouldn't merely power wash the outside of your home but let the inside filthy and unkempt, so why would you do that with your car? After all, most people spend hours a week in their vehicle going to and from work, making that reason alone worth investing in interior detailing.

Moreover, your vehicle's interior needs attention so you avoid damage to one of your most pricey investments, your vehicle. When you choose to have the interior regularly detailed, your leather components and trim will be cleaned with protective agents, so you don't have issues with your interior drying out or fading. That way your vehicle remains in good condition, even years after you first purchased it.

Not to mention, when you choose a professional interior detail, you get so much more than a Clorox wipe and a quick shop vac. Instead, you get a thorough vacuuming, your carpets shampooed, your floor mats fully scrubbed, your vinyl wiped to a sparkling shine, and your leather conditioned. When you choose the professionals, you also get the peace of mind knowing the job was done carefully and correctly with quality products made for the job. That way you don't have to waste time and money finding the proper materials or chance making a mistake that leads to damage in your interior.

Continue reading to discover more about the importance of having the interior of your car professionally detailed!

What Is Interior Vehicle Detailing?

In a nutshell, interior vehicle cleaning is when the interior components of a vehicle are thoroughly cleaned and restored. Areas of the interior that receive attention during this process are vinyl, leather, carbon fiber plastics, fabric, natural fibers, and plastics. A complete professional detail gets every nook and cranny, including in and around areas such as the center console, buttons, door jambs, and controls. Deep cleaning methods are also employed like gas dusting, steam-cleaning, and vacuuming. That way all odors, dirt, and grime are fully removed, and your interior is left looking like it just left the dealer lot.

How Does It Work?

Professional interior dealing is the process by which your vehicle is cleaned so it remains in like new condition for years to come. While you can choose how in depth you would prefer your cleaning to be, in general a typical interior detail includes the steps listed below:

  • First Things First - Typically the first step in interior details is to vacuum the entirety of the vehicle's interior. Thus includes, the shelf, seats, trunk, headliners, rear cargo space, etc.
  • The Next Step - The next step in the process is to tackle dirty floor mats and carpets, which often requires the use of brushes, steam cleaners, or even a shampooer to ensure the interior looks clean and smells great.
  • Shine Up the Glass - Cleaning the class to a sparkling shine is another important step in the detailing process, keeping your views clear for a safer commute.
  • Soften The Leather - One of the most important parts of a professional detail is the proper cleaning and conditioning of leather seats, so they stay supple and are not at risk for cracking.
  • Wipe It Down - Finish off the process by wiping all interior surfaces with a damp cloth and cleaner.
  • Finish The Process - A professional detail is typically concluded by touching up anything with the vacuum and a cloth to ensure it is pristine before it goes back to its owner.

So, What Are the Benefits of a Professional Interior Detail?

Having your vehicle professionally detailed helps keep your vehicle in great shape, in addition to reducing the rate at which it depreciates. Consider additional benefits of interior detailing below:

  • Health Benefits - Consider that when you are inside your vehicle, there is very little fresh airflow within a small space. Thus, a dirty interior severely impacts the air quality you are breathing in each day. However, when you have your vehicle detailed, dust, dirt, dander, mildew, and other allergens are removed, vastly improving your air quality and subsequently improving your health.
  • Get Rid of Stains - A spill here and there can create stains inside your vehicle. Overtime, they can accumulate and look unsightly. Not to mention, the longer they are left unaddressed, the more likely they will become baked in and lead to permanent discoloration. When you have your vehicle detailed, stains will be tackled with the right cleaners, so your interior looks good and does not suffer from long-term damage. Better yet, some cleaners have the added bonus of protecting your vehicle from future stains!
  • Maintain Your Vehicle's Equity - Simply put, if you are planning to sell or trade your vehicle, don't do so without first having it professionally detailed as a clean, pristine car results in a higher resale price.
  • Say Goodbye to Odors - A professional detailer tackles odors the right way, at the source. They do this by thoroughly cleaning seats and carpets, that are common culprits for harboring smells, with an odor neutralizing cleaner to fully mitigate odors, not just cover them up.
  • Protect and Prevent - A dirty vehicle is vulnerable to damages that occur from ground in dirt and other contaminants like road salt. Tears, stains, and scratches often happen because of these particles and substances being left to their devices. Keep your car looking new for longer by regularly having its interior detailed.
  • Stay Safe - When your view is impaired by dirt and grime covering the windows and mirrors of your vehicle, you are at an increased risk of accidents. Improve your visibility while on the road, with a good detailing, so you can see clearly behind the wheel.

So, while you may not have realized it before, professional detailing is a great way to protect your car. It is far more than a frivolous expenditure for pure vanity, but rather a worthwhile investment in yourself and your vehicle. Don't wait until the damage is already done, schedule your interior detailing today!


Kevin Gomez
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