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Guide for Granite Tiles Singapore

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Guide for Granite Tiles Singapore

For house owners searching for a robust contemporary solution for their interior, granite tiles are a popular choice. Granite is a popular choice for countertops throughout the home because it is incredibly durable, pleasing to the eye, and available in a wide variety of colors and shapes. Here is a shopping guide for granite tiles Singapore for your house that highlights the selection and advantages this premium stone can provide for you.

Why Tiles of Granite?

Homeowners frequently find natural stone tiles appealing due to their distinctive surface and design. Granite is one of the most often used natural stone tiles because of its distinctive qualities, which can make a big effect in any space.

It's not just a lovely face, though. Granite tiles are ideal for use in high-traffic areas like the kitchen, hallway, and conservatory since they are among the strongest natural materials available. Since granite is so strong, it is a durable choice for the house and has been used in building construction for ages. This means you won't need to worry about replacing scratched or broken tiles too frequently. Granite is strong and very simple to install and maintain. The tiles are extremely quick to install, and all they require maintenance is a quick wipe-down to keep them looking like new.

Due to its density, top-grade Granite tiles also have the advantage of retaining heat, making long-term tile installation more inexpensive. When you turn on the underfloor heating during the winter, you'll be especially grateful since your granite tiles will go the additional mile to keep the room warm for a longer period of time.

Select From a Variety Of Sizes

Granite tiles are available in a broad range of sizes, allowing you to utilize them in any area of your house. They may be put anywhere, but often they are in kitchens, baths, and conservatories.

When utilized as a bigger size tile, black granite tiles will give any space a modern, hotel-chic appearance, and the mirrored light-reflecting quality creates a striking focal point for any space.

Selection Of High-Quality Tiles

When comparing prices between high street and online businesses, some might be double the cost! Despite being relatively affordable, our selection of granite tiles is of high quality, making them a better bargain for you.

There are numerous internet merchants offering inexpensive granite tiles, but you should always prioritize quality. Cheap tiles are defective and may be less durable since they have unsightly spotting, veining, and color fluctuation. Instead, use granite of superior quality with a constant depth of color and slight tonal fluctuation.

Getting a sample to compare is something we always suggest. When you receive your samples, the surface should be smooth and glossy with no scratches or other surface flaws. Mineral distribution should be homogeneous, and the color should be relatively uniform.

Care For Your Precious Porcelain Tiles

Once installed, granite tiles require little upkeep and, with the right maintenance, may last a lifetime. Although granite is a very thick and waterproof stone, we only advise using a coat of MPG sealer to stop the absorption of chemicals with an oil-based composition. After properly washing the tiles, you may seal them by spreading a thin coating of sealant over them, letting it sink into the stone, and then polishing off the extra. Always ensure appropriateness for your Granite by consulting the manufacturer's instructions.


Simply vacuum or brush your floor once a week, and then mop it with Waxwash, a liquid solution designed to clean without harming your sealer.

The Ideal Selection for Your Home

When choosing tiles for your house, granite has long been a popular alternative. If you want natural stone, granite can be the best option. You can choose the ideal Granite tiles for the rooms in your house by looking at the many available styles.

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