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How to Keep Your Car's Paint Safe

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How to Keep Your Car's Paint Safe

One of the first things that draw you in when you purchase a new automobile is its brilliant gloss and stunningly polished new car paint. You must take good care of your car's paint if you want to preserve that gleaming brilliance for many years to come.


Damaged paint hurts the eyes in more ways than one. Additionally, it lowers the value of your automobile because a new paint job is pricey. You should endeavor to preserve the paint as nice as new since nobody wants to spend money they don't have to.

The good news is that it's not difficult to protect the paint on your automobile and that it can be done. Your car's paint will remain spotless for years if you follow these easy instructions!

How to Keep Your Car's Paint Safe

No matter how old your automobile is or what color the paint is, you should always protect the paint against things like bird droppings, tree sap, scratches, and car washes. The following advice will assist you in maintaining the new-looking paint on your automobile.

1. Wash your car properly

While most of us are aware of how to wash our vehicles, it's conceivable that some of us are really utilizing the incorrect tools and endangering the paint of our automobiles. The paint on your automobile has to be washed properly with the appropriate equipment and techniques.

If you use standard dish detergent to wash your automobile (such as green Sunlight or an equivalent, stop immediately). There is nothing worse than using acidic dish soap to ruin the paint job on your automobile. Only use high-quality vehicle washes using a foam applicator, according to experts.

2. Do not omit the drying step

Most individuals neglect to dry their cars after washing them because they believe they will naturally air dry.

Your hard work will be completely wasted if you don't dry your automobile as soon as you wash it since it will leave wet marks. To dry the automobile, always use a microfiber towel as it can completely absorb the water.

3. Apply a synthetic coating

The automobile will sustain damages and normal wear and tear even with frequent use. To guard against dirt, dust, animal and bird droppings, and debris, your automobile will require a protective coating. Your automobile has to be protected with a synthetic covering.


Despite being new, the synthetic coating has gained a lot of popularity among automobile owners. It is a ceramic car paint protection Singapore for cars that maintains the paint secure throughout time.

4. Clean up your car

You should think about using a vehicle polish if you want to both protect your automobile from the sun and make it shine at the same time. It contains extremely tiny abrasives that delicately clean the paint surface without endangering it.

In addition, it can shield the paint against damage caused by free radicals and other contaminants found in city air pollution. Your automobile may be easily polished. Simply wash and hand-dry your automobile, then use that polish to cover it using a foam applicator.

5. Employ a clay bar

Using a clay bar is one of the best ways to keep your car's paint protected. One of our best-selling items is the Shield clay bar cleaning kit, and for good reason—it can effectively remove dirt and even invisible impurities embedded in the paint. To keep your automobile clean and immaculate, make sure the claying is followed by a wax shine.

6. Waxing time is now

It's time to wax your automobile after using a clay bar to clean the paint. If applied correctly, this wax may shield the paint of your automobile against impurities, UV rays, dust, and scratches for up to six months.

Final Reflections

Prevention is always preferable to later paying for a costly repair when it comes to safeguarding your car's paint. The outside of the automobile can be severely damaged by even the smallest amount of negligence on your part, costing you a lot of money to repair.

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