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Welcome to the big league of sports.

Amit Sharma

For sports fanatics around the world, the growth of big leagues and their extensive commercialization has made the games that much more exciting and enthralling to watch. Combined with the proliferation of live streaming and live score reporting services, the world of sports has become much more inclusive and accessible. Here, we will be taking a look at some of the biggest sports leagues and their various nitty-gritty regarding what made them so popular and commercially lucrative. So, let’s start


Welcome to the big league


In every sport, some leagues have gained worldwide appraise and reach. Be it UEFA Champions League in the case of football, or IPL for cricket, they have unanimously made the sports much more popular than they ever were and have helped direct a lot of revenue towards these games. Some such leagues are


●    National Basketball Association (NBA)- Founded in 1946 as a national-level basketball league encompassing teams from the USA and Canada. The league’s massive proportions can be put into perspective by taking a look at its last season’s revenue which stood at a staggering 10 billion USD last season. The accolade of most NBA titles won is shared by the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers at 17 titles each. The popularization of online sports streaming and score reporting has helped NBA grow immensely since worldwide TV rights are hard to come by.


●    Indian Premier League (IPL)- With the first ball delivered in 2008, The world of cricket changed once and for all. The league has grown to become one of the most lucrative cricket tournaments that the world has ever seen. Over the years, several legends of the game like Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Shane Warne, etc. just to name a few, graced the 22 yards of IPL. The league averages revenues of over INR 500 crores per season, and is deemed as one of the highest grosser in the world of sports. Nowadays, one can easily track live cricket score on their smartphones, thereby making the tournament extremely accessible.


●    Football world cup- If sports were to have a flagship event, this would be it!. This humongous celebration of footballing prowess takes place once every four years since 1930 and truly brings the world together. What defines this event is the sheer scale that it has attained over the years, triumphing even the Olympics to a certain degree. The first-ever football world cup was won by Uruguay and the 2022 edition of the tournament is scheduled to be held in Qatar. The fields of this tournament have featured some of the greatest athletes the world has ever seen like Pele, Johan Cruyff, Lev Yashin, etc. The matches can be followed easily by anyone via live football match score of the tournament.


●    Formula One- If motorsports are your thing, then formula one is the GOAT for you. The tournament features high-octane performances, dramas, and crashes, and aims to deliver a huge amount of entertainment and motoring supremacy. The races aren’t a localized affair at all, with events taking place all over the world, from Bahrain to Sochi, and Monaco to Malaysia, this is a global affair. The revenues are pretty lucrative as well, with the last quarter of the tournament earning a total of 360 million USD, making it one of the most valuable motorsport leagues in the world, besides MotoGP. The races can be followed through live updates as well, in a manner similar to the live football match score updates.


●    The Olympics- One of the largest sporting events in the world to take place once every four years, the Olympics is steeped deep in history and involves a wide array of sporting activities from literally every country on the planet. Several individual events like cycling, swimming, football, archery, equestrians, etc. find a place at the Olympics, with athletes vying for the top spot. The tournament is extremely lucrative with the 2020 edition of the game earning a whopping 7.3 billion USD. For millions of Olympics fans worldwide, following the events is as simple as checking live cricket score on their smartphones.


●    WWE- Expanded as World Wrestling Entertainment, this is the tournament that popularized professional wrestling as we know it today. There is a huge difference between Olympic wrestling and professional wrestling, with the latter being a lot more dramatized and entertaining. As the popularity of the event exploded, so did its earnings, with the tournament earning a massive sum of one billion USD. The tournament is followed by a large number of people worldwide, with athletes like Triple H, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, etc. becoming household names.


●    The tennis grand slams- Although not a single tournament, the grand slam banner encompasses several notable tennis tournaments, Wimbledon being the most prestigious amongst them. A global event as well, grand slam tournaments take place all over the world, all the way from Australia to France and beyond. Several notable tennis stars honed their trade in these tournaments like Roger Federer, Serena Williams, etc. among others. The slams are pretty lucrative financially as well, with a very large global audience.


Final take:


The advent of massive sports leagues has revolutionized the way we perceive them and how they are played on a global scale. The financial aspect of this game has evolved massively over the last decades as well, with the sporting foundations and corporations roping in billions each season. The consumption of sports content has transformed too, with tv and newspapers being replaced by online reporting like live cricket score and its likes. 

Amit Sharma
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