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Guide to buying refurbished Samsung phones

Amit Sharma
Guide to buying refurbished Samsung phones

Refurbished handsets are pre-owned handsets returned and restored to their factory condition. That said, not all phones certified ‘refurbished’ were faulty in the past. Most professional and reliable refurbished phone sellers classify refurbished phones as smartphones that were returned by customers. However, all used Samsung phones or other pre-owned devices go through checks and tests to ensure they’re fully operational, before being put up for sale again.

Some of the various tests conducted on the refurbished handsets include tests on buttons to check whether they work, camera checks, display checks, tests to check how well the device connects with Wi-Fi and 4G networks, and tests to find if the battery retains charge. Moreover, in keeping with the global Data Protection Act, the seller securely wipes any and all data on the device.

How good can be a Samsung S9 refurbished handset?

As refurbished phones are thoroughly tested and restored to their full working capacity, you can certainly go for the Samsung S9 refurbished handset. Of course, the device won’t come in its original Samsung packaging or with the original accessories, but it would retain all the features and specs that the device had at the time of launch. On the plus side, most reliable refurbished phone sellers offer a notable warranty on the handsets. So, do your research and buy only from the best.

The pros of buying refurbished used Samsung phones

Here are a few positives that work in favour of refurbished handsets.

●       Some refurbished phone sellers offer notable discounts on their refurbished handsets, particularly when you don’t mind whether or not you’ve got the latest handset.

●       Established refurbished phone sellers offer a notable warranty on their devices, sometimes even as much as a 12-month warranty. Sometimes, you can have it extended by paying a small fee.

●       The handsets usually come with a charger or charging cable, as you’d find in a brand new device, though it may not be the same.

●       Though you won’t get the original packaging, your handset and the few important accessories would still come in a box. So, there’s no cost-cutting on that front.

Grading of refurbished phones

Planning on buying a Samsung S9 refurbished smartphone? Well, all refurbished and pre-owned smartphones come with a grade – that reflects their physical condition. Though the grading isn’t universal, if it’s there, it gives a rough idea about the condition of the device.

●       Grade A: Refurbished phones listed Grade A are pristine and generally refer to devices returned within the 30-day cooling-off period. So, this basically covers brand new handsets that have negligible or no signs of wear.

●       Grade B: When buying a Grade B refurbished handset, expect 1-2 small and insignificant scratches, but nothing too unsightly.

●       Grade C: Refurbished handsets rated Grade C may have up to 5 blemishes and they generally look a little used. So, don’t expect a device that looks pristine.

●       Grade D: A Grade D refurbished handset may have an odd chip and will look second-hand. However, it will still be fully functional in every way and come with a warranty.

Most notable refurbished phone sellers generally sell handsets categorized Grade A to C. However, some sellers may have their own grading system, such as Perfect, Almost Perfect, and Perfectly Fine.

How much cheaper are refurbished devices?

Gone are the days when people were hesitant about pre-owned devices. These days, people are more open to buying refurbished handsets, chiefly because they can save quite a lot on buying refurbished devices, particularly on older handsets such as Samsung S9 refurbished i.e. when opting for a device that came a year of two back.

What’s better – refurbished or used?

When a seller or a trader describes used Samsung phones as ‘refurbished’, you can rest assured knowing that the handset has been thoroughly tested, cleaned, and wiped. Most of the time, such devices even come with a notable warranty, thus offering complete peace of mind. On the other hand, the term ‘used’ is hard to define and that’s why you’d have to be extra cautious. Used devices can have a few scratches or may even come in a completely battered condition. Thus, it’s usually better to opt for the former.

Key takeaway

If you’re looking for a warranty on refurbished devices, we’d urge you to buy it from a renowned refurbished seller. Most traders offer a warranty of 6-12 months on refurbished devices. That way, if the device develops a snag in the first few days of use, you can even get a refund or exchange it for another refurbished device – a total win-win situation. Moreover, while being put up for sale, the refurbished phone battery is properly tested to ensure it does its job well. In some cases, where the batteries underperform, the battery is replaced before putting it up for sale.

Have more questions about refurbished used Samsung phones? We’ve got your back! Feel free to comment below, and we’d be happy to help. 

Amit Sharma
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