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The Top 5 Things That Can Make A Teak Wood Temple Design More Elegant

Aakriti Art Creations
The Top 5 Things That Can Make A Teak Wood Temple Design More Elegant

Willing to know about the things that can elevate a teak wood temple design for homeThese shouldn’t be too difficult to guess.

The concept of a temple is associated with various religions, although it is mostly the Hindus that are interested in having a wooden temple at their home. And for most people, teak wood turns out to be the best wood for pooja mandir.

Divinity Teak Wood Mandir in Walnut Finish (24x16x46)

Divinity-I Teak Wood Mandir in Walnut Finish adorned with Dhokra Brass Frame (25×15.5×46)

Divinity-II Teak Wood Mandir in Walnut Finish adorned with Madhubani & Dhokra Art (31x21x48)

For those of you that want to get one, here are the things to look out for.

A Flight of Steps

Every major temple located in India has a set of steps that one has to ascend before they can reach the shrine, and it’s not just for the obvious convenience. Anyway, adding a flight of steps to the teak wood temple design certainly makes it more naturalistic.

Now some designs may allow carving of these steps, while for others you’d have to figure out a way to add them separately.

Artistic Features

Temple, particularly ones in South India largely follow the Dravidian architecture, which certainly makes them stand out.

One of the things that makes a teak wood temple look even better is if it has a few elements of the same too. Now adding some features later might not be possible, so it’s best to choose the right design first-hand when you get a teak wood temple for home.

Divinity-III Teak Wood Mandir in Walnut Finish adorned with Madhubani & Dhokra Art (26x20x72)

Dipti Teak Wood Mandir in Walnut Finish (19.5x13x44)

Dipti-I Teak Wood Mandir in Walnut Finish (18x11x34)

Lamp and Bell

Lamps and bells are an important part of the worshipping rituals of the Hindus, and hence these too can be fine additions to a wooden temple.

Now depending on its height and size, you might be able to add these inside the temple or find a way to keep them in its vicinity. The former is preferred, but both work.


If you’ve noticed it, certain teak wood temple designs integrate levels, through which one may display many pictures or idols in a way that isn’t too crowded.

So adding levels to a wooden temple, if possible is certainly a simple way to boost its elegance.

Drawers and Shelves

A wooden temple symbolizes inspiration, among other things. So it has to be clean and organized.

A typical Hindu prayer requires quite a few things such as books, candles, and so on that have to be stored somewhere. And what could be a handier place than the drawers and shelves of the temple itself? 

Aakriti Houses The Finest Teak Wood Pooja Mandir Online

Every household needs a place for prayers, and a temple surely brings everyone in it together for the same.

Elevate the positivity in your home with Aakriti Art Creations‘ premium, handmade teak wood temples. These are some of the most inimitable ones you’d find online.

Aakriti Art Creations
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