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Why is it important to have an eye examination? How does it help you?

Eye Health Articles
Why is it important to have an eye examination? How does it help you?

It is important to have an eye exam every year in order to identify eye problems and treat them at their earliest stages. In addition to helping you correct your vision problems, your eye care professional can also offer you tips on how to take care of your eyes. They can provide you with tips for caring for your eyes on a regular basis. As a result of an eye examination, you may be able to gain a better understanding of your general state of health.

Contact lenses eye exams in Albany offers routine eye exams to assess your vision and detect eye diseases. Your eye doctor will likely use a variety of instruments, shine bright lights in your eyes, and ask you to look through a variety of lenses. As part of an eye exam, different tests are performed to determine the health of your eyes or the quality of your vision.

When to have an eye exam?

It is important to keep in mind that there are several factors that can affect how often you need an eye exam, including your age, health status, and risk of developing eye problems.

1 - Children 3 years and younger

During the consultation with your pediatrician, it is likely that your child's eyes will be examined to make sure they are developing properly. Furthermore, he or she will make sure that the child has no eye problems that are common in childhood, such as lazy eyes, crossed eyes, or misaligned eyes. As children grow older, they will be subjected to a thorough eye exam in which problems with vision as well as problems with eye alignment will be examined.

2 - Adolescents and children of school age

The most effective way to make sure your child has clear vision before starting school is to have their vision checked by a doctor. This will ensure they will be able to see clearly. After your child has had an eye exam, your doctor will be able to tell you how often he or she should have another one.

3 – In the case of adults

It is generally a wise idea to undergo a complete eye exam at the age of 40 when vision changes and eye diseases tend to begin. If you are healthy and you don't have symptoms of vision difficulties, you will not need any treatment for vision problems. As a result of the results of your eye screening, your eye doctor will be able to recommend how often you need to have further eye exams in the future.

Importance of an eye exam

-  During an eye examination, proximal vision is checked as well as distance vision. Screening for visual acuity identifies when glasses will be needed.


-  A periodic correction is also indicated based on improvement or deterioration of visual function.


-  Optometrists also check for other eye symptoms other than near- and farsightedness.


A common problem like astigmatism can be very distressing in daily life. These optometrists also identify cylinder power requirements.


Cataracts cause blurred vision because the lens of the eye becomes opaque. Identifying cataracts early and undergoing lens replacement surgery is vital.


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Eye Health Articles
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