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How Do Hotels Keep Their Towels So White?

Noah McCarthy
How Do Hotels Keep Their Towels So White?

Hotels usually keep their interior towels, spreads, linens, and pillows white to match them with the interior. No doubt, white looks classy, trendy, and clean. However, the white colour can lose its purity and fresh look with time. Maintaining and washing the massive number of towels and sheets regularly is not an easy task. Besides keeping them clean, the staff must follow a strict regime to optimise the quality. The main question is, how do they keep their towels soft? Here is the detailed answer to this.

What Quality Of Towels Hotels Use?

You may wonder what type of towels are used in hotels and why these are so fluffy and soft. The towels used in hotels are high quality, super soft, and ultra-cosy because of the quality of the fabric used in these towels. These ultra-soft towels are made of Egyptian cotton, known for their heft and GSM count. This quality is getting popular because it is luxurious. For buying that quality sheets, covers, and bath towels in the UK, Luxton Living is selling a top-quality collection.

How Are Hotel Towels So White?

The hotels keep their towels white and neat because it provides a classic and elegant look. And to keep these towels clean, they wash them properly using some tricks. Follow these steps if you want to give your whites a clean look like hotels.

Wash Whites With Whites Only

Washing whites with coloured fabrics is the main reason why white coloured fabric fades away. To keep your white stuff in good condition, always wash them separately.

Soak In Water And Spot Clean Before Washing

Before washing white towels, check for the stain. Washing that stain before putting all the towels in the washing machine will keep them in good-looking condition and prevent the stain from spreading.

Use Baking Soda For Washing

The cleaning hack hotels use for washing their towels is adding baking soda with detergent in the wash cycle. Adding baking soda for washing white clothes helps remove the towels' stains and odours. And also, keep them soft and fluffy. Forgiving your white towels bright look like hotels’ towels, use this hack and wash them with baking powder.

Bleach The Towels

Use bleach if you find any stain that is hard to come out. But ensure you are using it properly. Do not pour the bleach directly over the stain. Bleach is a chemical that removes the stain permanently but pouring directly on the stain can damage the fabric.

Do Not Overfill The Washing Machine

Sometimes, you simply overfill the washing machine to cover all the white items altogether. Doing this puts extra pressure on your machine and disrupts the cleaning process. Detergent mixed water will not reach every part of each towel, resulting in uncleaned towels. To give them a thorough clean, wash them in batches.

White towels in hotels feel like dream towels because of the soft fabric and clean and fresh look. To make your towels at home look as bright as hotels, follow the steps properly. 


Noah McCarthy
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