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5 Things You Should Know About the IB Diploma Programme

Aslam ali
5 Things You Should Know About the IB Diploma Programme

The IB program is a recognized education in today's world that offers high-quality education meeting international standards. Its main emphasis is to create a rounded society where students actively contribute to society, not just academic growth.

This article brings to the limelight the IB Diploma program, a gateway for high school students to a wide range of opportunities in top institutions, thereby building global connections.

IB Course Structure for the Diploma Program

The syllabus comprises six subjects uniquely constructed to make students think beyond black and white critically, logically, and independently. They are;

  1. Studies in language and literature
  2. Language acquisition
  3. Individuals and societies
  4. Sciences
  5. Mathematics
  6. Arts

Alongside these subjects, students must complete these courses created to hone their skills and knowledge;

  1. Theory of knowledge (TOK)- A reflection paper of 1600- 1700 words on students' nature of knowledge and current learning and giving an oral speech.
  2. Extended essay- An in-depth written essay of about 4000 words on topics approved by the teachers.
  3. CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service)- A student project

The Grading System for the Diploma Program

Every student must undergo a final evaluation at the end of the year to know the knowledge gained in every IB class.

The exam is graded from 1-7 for each subject. Simultaneously the TOK, Extended Essay, and CAS are added as 3 points get added to this to get the total score.

So to complete the Diploma, the student can score up to 45 points. If they cannot, a 24 point is acceptable provided they haven't got a failing score in any subject.

*1 is the failing score.

Exam Fee for a Diploma Program

Apart from the tuition fee levied from the Singapore private school fees, every student must pay an exam fee.

Students must pay $172.00 for registration and $119.00 per subject.

Fee Structure for Singapore Schools Following IB Syllabus

Most Singapore private school fees vary from school to school. However, the annual tuition fee is below or equal to $25,000.

However, expensive schools have the annual tuition fee scaling to $40,000.

5 Things You Must Know in an IB Diploma

Ready to get into an IB school? Wait a minute! Here is something you should adhere to have successful completion of your Diploma;

1. Get proper guidance

Consult with your seniors for better knowledge on choosing the right program for you. Also, go to the school to gain more information on the subjects and note their way of learning since IB is not for everyone.

2. Create a study schedule

Since IB is more rigorous than AP, make sure you study all the subjects daily. Alongside maintaining a balance between school and personal life to get yourself destressed from studying. Most importantly, polish your English if it's not your first language.

3. Never hesitate to ask for help

Sometimes your learning might become strenuous till you get stuck at a point. Get in touch with the staff, students, or advisors to know where you can improve your subjects and exams.

4. Dwell on your syllabus more

It is the roadmap to success as it gives you ideas to align yourself with studying ahead and getting better grades than your peers. So, ensure you thoroughly understand what you're going to learn.

5. Hone your writing skills

It's a mandatory aspect of your IB curriculum for every assignment. Some forms of writing you will encounter are;

  • Scientific
  • Intern disciplinary
  • Creative

Also, improve your reading competency to gain more control over your writing. So, write every day.

Now that you're well equipped with the IB Diploma, decide and enroll yourself in your favorite school!

Aslam ali
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