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Is Aadhar Udyog Registration and Company Registration the same?

rajat sharma
Is Aadhar Udyog Registration and Company Registration the same?

What is Udyog Aadhar registration?  

The Aadhar Udyog Registration process was just by the Indian government in an effort to support small companies in the nation. The Aadhar Udyog Registration has, however, been switched over to the udyam registration as of right now. To be eligible for the government advantages offered to MSMEs (Micro, small, and medium Enterprises), businesses must apply for Udyam Registration. 

Before, there was a tone of paperwork to complete in order to start a frm and obtain an SSI or MSME registration. Two forms entrepreneur memorandum-I and entrepreneur memorandum had to be completed. The SSI or MSME registration was reduced to just the Aadhar Udyog Registration. The advantages of several government schemes such as subsidies, easy loan approvals etc. become available that are registered with Udyog Aadhar. 

Let's take a look at the process of Aadhar Udyog Registration: 

The owner of a SME (Small and Medium scale Enterprises) had to complete a one-page form, which could be completed online or offline. To register online, the applicant must visit the official website.

A person had to choose individual registration if they wanted to sign for more than one industry. 

The MSME was required to self-certify its existence, information about the business’s operations, a bank account, ownership and employee information, among other things. 

Individuals were required to present their self-certified certificates during the registration process. 

As previously stated, there were no registration fees associated with this procedure. 

The registration number would be generated and mailed to the email address after the details were filled in and uploaded. 

What paperwork is necessary for Udyam registration?

  1. It is totally electronic, paperless, and self-declaratory to register an MSME.
  2. Registration of an MSME is not subject to any documentation or proof requirements.
  3. Only the Aadhaar Number would be needed for registration.
  4. The PAN & GST connected information about an enterprise's investment and revenue will be automatically retrieved from government databases.
  5. PAN and GST numbers must be obtained as of April 1, 2021.

What is company Registration: 

Company registration refers to the company‘s filing of a registration statement under the Securities Act for the sale of its common stock or securities convertible into common stocks, or for the sale of such securities by holders other than the holders in connection with the public offering of such security, as well as many other things. 

Why is company registration required? 

Company registration requires choosing the correct structure for your firm. It is as crucial as any other aspect of running a business. Your company will be able to run more efficiently and fulfill its goal if you have the correct corporate structure in the palace. 

The procedure of company registration 

Registering your firm establishes it as a distinct entity with legal existence. In India, the registration of businesses is governed by the ministry of corporate affairs. In India, the registration of businesses is governed by the ministry of corporate affairs.

In India, the registration of businesses is governed by the ministry of corporate affairs. It’s critical to understand the registration procedure and step-by-step process for the Indian business registration. 

Apply For Director Identification Number

Apply For Digital Signature Certificate

Filing For New User Registration

Filing for Charter Documents

Application For Company Name

Register Other Details

Acquiring PAN and TAN

Document Required: 

We must compile the following documents. To the ROC, which must be presented:

The MOA outlines the company’s goal and objectives, as well as the business for which it will be incorporated. 

The AOA established the company's operating procedures.

There is only one Director and one member, a nominee must be appointed on behalf of such a person in case he becomes handicapped or dies and is unable to perform his obligations, the nominee will perform on behalf of the directors and take his place. His agreement in Form INC - 3 as well as his PAN card and Aadhaar card would be required.

Proof of the proposed company’s registered office, as well as proof of ownership and a letter of authorisation from the owner. 

Form INC-9 and DIR-2 are used to declare and consent to the prospective director. 

A certification from the expert attesting that all standards have been met.

rajat sharma
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