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Dissertation Topics in Marketing - Words Doctorate

Dr Elena Huber
Dissertation Topics in Marketing - Words Doctorate

The marketing dissertation focuses on learning experience and creates skills development that could apply in the real world. To meet this, your marketing titles must be broad, clear, and concise so that it helps in preparing a dissertation better and also help in topic selection.

So, How You should Select a Dissertation Topic?

When you are looking for the best ideas on marketing for your dissertation, you must choose one that is relevant and helpful to the field of the subject you are writing. Also, it is not wise to choose a topic that no one has ever written as you won't be able to get enough sources and data to write on your topic.

Below, we have mentioned the top subject areas you can choose for your dissertation in Marketing.

Relationship Marketing Dissertation Topics

Relationship marketing helps in building customer loyalty and increase customer retention. Here the products are offers based on relationships and not as traditional marketing. This type of marketing is more useful for a firm that wants to acquire more customers for the long term and want to bring brand loyalty.

The happier and more satisfied a customer will be the more he will be loyal and will be more likely to make a purchase.

Here are few possible topics that you can use:

  • Digital relationship marketing needs in Covid 19 times - What is the importance of personalization
  • How do retailers manage the polygamous behaviour among customers?

Direct Marketing Dissertation Topics

Direct marketing is the selling of a product directly to customers. This process may include email selling, message selling, telephone selling, etc. Here no retailer or middle man is involved but the product is sold directly from seller to consumers.

Here are possible topic ideas you can use:

  • Do consumers of today know how to protect themselves from direct marketing messages? How online and offline marketing medium differs?
  • Can online marketing be effective as a group-oriented tool or as individual-oriented?

Branding Dissertation Topics

The branding process means creating a unique image of a business or product in the minds of customers. By using a brand theme, logo, tagline, and using it consistently on all advertisements can help in creating an impact. 

Here are few possible topic ideas you can use:

  • How does the relative value of tangible and intangible brand values affect the product type?
  • How to best use social media marketing to attract customers to brands of small companies?

Marketing Cultures Dissertation Topics

Marketing also resonates with culture. Every culture is different, what is acceptable in one culture may not be acceptable in the other. This is why today’s firms also adopt different techniques to target cultures. And before launching any product, they focus on analysing the cultural aspect of the marketing too.

Here are possible topic suggestions you can use:

  • How do culture and innovation influence the market?
  • How do banks use pricing strategies to increase customer satisfaction?

Online Marketing Dissertation Topics

Today marketing has evolved completely from traditional to digital and even the traditional marketing rules are no longer useful. The needs and demands of businesses and companies are changing which is why digital marketing is the game-changer in the marketing field.

Here are few possible topic ideas:

  • How do firms use or customize their products? Discussing the Apple Case
  • How do gender and financial status affect online consumption behaviour?

Dr Elena Huber
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