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Decipher the future of the event planning industry in 2023

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Decipher the future of the event planning industry in 2023

People in the present era show increased dependence on technology. It means meetings, events, and live conferences have become more crucial than ever. The role of an event planner has become immensely more fundamental than it was previously. Every event is an extraordinary life event splendour for all the attendees present. Many experts are trying to identify what is going to be the future of global consumer trends. They connect some cultural trends to the attendees attending live events. The idea is to think like a futurist. There are a variety of game-changing trends that will dominate the mobile event app industry in 2023.

Multifunction versatility

From using smartphones to going to tiny homes, people have the main idea of maximising utilization of everything surrounding them. They want to find out the purpose of everything that is around them. Event planners focus on using every aspect of the event to derive maximum benefits. They think about every event section, from the content to the activities and how people connect and create connections between attendees through the latest conference app. Business leaders have become choosy in how and with whom they spend their time with. Hence event planners should focus on every aspect of the event to ensure it is an experience that is worthy and satisfying for the leaders who attend the event. Ensure the takeaways you provide are well appreciated by the attendees while creating a lasting impression on them. They should imbibe a lot for personal learning, inspiration and growth.

Celebrating diverse opinions

It is pretty surprising and unfortunate that society has become very open to accepting diverse opinions and interests of the people. Nowadays, business leaders and entrepreneurs want to know ideas that differ from theirs and find out the logic behind them. Nowadays, business leaders appreciate those who think outside the box, and this has become a hot topic. Hence stay focussed when choosing event speakers. One of the essential means through which you may deliver a refreshing perspective is to spark creative thinking. Trying to get those speakers would not belong to the industry. In popular opinion, a speaker who questions standard practices is more acceptable for any business event. You might feel that sounds risky. However, attendees get stimulated by bringing in those speakers who challenge the audience's thinking and make them think broader and better.

Fetch mindfulness for your event

As everybody knows, the latest buzzwords are wellness and mindfulness in 2022. All the leading experts in the industry agree that brain breaks have become vital for rejuvenating the mind, and actually, they helped to foster heightened levels of creativity among attendees.

Attendees find the jam-packed schedule very demanding for them. Indeed, innumerable vendor booths, back-to-back sessions, taking down notes, and meeting new people are all quite exhausting. On the other hand, event planners want to give the attendees as much value as possible. Hence plan the event, so they get time to reflect and breathe. Try to regroup by attending outdoor workshops, art exhibitions or wellness activities. Include gamification in event software  to make the attendees feel reinvented during sessions. 

The happier they are, the more positive things they will have to say about your event, making it a hit in the market. It means that you can have similar events in the future.

Personalization customization

Customised emails, targeted ads and all other kinds of personalization on the digital forum have made consumers expect tailored experiences when they attend in-person or virtual events. When you focus on personalising the event experience, it is not centred only around using the name tags during conference communication. Don't think customization has to be very difficult; you can include some simple ideas. Just before the sessions, you can ask the attendees which sessions they would want to attend this way; you make sure you serve them what they want to be done and not waste their time. It will also make them feel more invested and increase their sense of belonging during the event. Using preloaded information, you may also use a conference app that will give personal suggestions for those activities. You might even consider adding a customised event map where you pinpoint popular attractions and restaurants after the conference. You can consider white labelling of conference apps for some clients to deliver the best. 

Focus on thoughtful sustainability

Going green is not new, but the latest trend in sustainability promises to extend the boundaries of both resource fullness and imagination. In the present era, the event planner should be aware of recycling, repurposing and reusing while having a thoughtful approach where you demonstrate your commitment to conserving the environment. Today every industry got tilted toward making products from recycled content. Attendees will choose products and appreciate it if you use recycled and biodegradable materials. It can be picking sustainable registration bags, name tags or even food cartons. Moreover make arrangements to coordinate leftover or unused beverages, food, and flowers to other organisations like senior living facilities or homeless shelters. 

The experiential value of the event depends on creating an unforgettable event. Hence create unexpected virtual and on-site experiences fortifying attendees' ROI. Your main idea is to think like a futurist to incorporate crucial cultural trends outlined without leaving a lasting impression.

The new normal is a year that comes with unexpected scenarios. People are facing a lot of rescheduling and cancellation during events. Efforts to bring about a transition from virtual to in-person events become mandatory. As people prepare for the next phase, one thing has become vital when planning an event in the future; there should be more actionable items that will garner the attention of the attendees. People are returning to in-person events, but it's nothing like before. Event planners are starting to face the challenges of in-person and hybrid events beyond control. Even the way you choose a venue has changed because, in the present scenario, even though you are calling fewer attendees, you have to select a considerable value so that people can maintain distance. The new normal in event planning means a systematic mind shift in terms of priorities. 

Use the latest apps for events to prepare for the battle in the future!

Eventify Event Services
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