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A Guide Through the Essential Elements of Onsite Engagement

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A Guide Through the Essential Elements of Onsite Engagement

From pre-event planning until the event day, organising an event requires a significant amount of time, work, and budget. Any event requires a lot of time and effort to prepare for a memorable event. So, if you're in charge of making sure everything goes according to plan, you could feel a little overwhelmed.

The issue is that, despite the fact that we all want attendees to engage with one another at our conferences using the newest technologies, we are unsure of how to get started. You must conduct research if you want to ensure that attendees are maximising the benefits of your event offerings.

It's important to choose the appropriate technologies for your audience, but it's just as important to make sure you've considered all your bases. Including these crucial components in your groundwork will help you maximise the endless onsite engagement opportunities with any ongoing advancement of technology.

What is Onsite Engagement and Its Importance?

Conversions have witnessed an increase of 20% to 25% due to various dynamic event engagement solutions - indicating that attendees are actively engaged during your event. Therefore, a crucial task is to implement technology that will improve their experience and bring success to event planning software on-site.

Speaking versus Interacting

In the past, if you attended a workshop or conference, you certainly anticipated the pain of taking notes that would fill enormous pages as the speaker bombarded you with knowledge. Even though you might have planned to meet someone for coffee after the keynote, it's unlikely that you would have spoken to anyone else or the speakers during the meeting.

Engaging attendees on-site is essential. For an event to be worthwhile for the attendees, it is crucial for the organiser that attendee engagement and satisfaction are high. Innovative event technology can be employed to drive more on-site interactions and experiences without being a hindrance - as the requisite part of your event management strategies.

What Are the Key Elements of an Onsite Engagement?

Let's look at the necessary elements of onsite engagement based on current onsite engagement trends.

Start Preparing the Base


Events that are data-driven are appealing. In order to create even better event experiences, include your attendees in some big analytical data. The beautiful thing about employing all this technology is that data and event ROI tools are frequently included right out of the box. To learn more about what your customers enjoy and dislike, keep an eye out for innovative products with these attributes. 

One example is the lead retrieval tool. For efficient lead classification at your events, use bespoke tags. There is also the option to add general lead scanning tags, such as "cold" or "Hot." Give exhibitors the chance to scan, retrieve using QR codes, and nurture leads from various corporate events.


Internet connectivity is essential for modern technology. Instead of exclusively relying on a venue's WiFi network, invest in your own network. We've learned throughout the years that an internet outage causes the greatest amount of disruption to the attendance experience. 

So why not some smart backup plans?  It will work wonders to have backup plans in the event, if the Wi-Fi fails or disturbs attendees in hot spots with a poor connection. 

Technical Training

The majority of your onsite employees should be tech-savvy but it doesn’t matter if all of your attendees will be. Since they will be using the event tools & technologies - there must always be one primary spokesperson who’ll represent the technology—someone who is the team's go-to person and can assist others.

 It's crucial that your employees can either assist attendees with their problems or direct them to the appropriate person if they have questions about how anything functions. Remember the non-techies must not feel left out!


It's common for attendees to have varying levels of tech expertise, so you shouldn't necessarily expect that just because you hand out technology everyone will know how to use it. Think about creating interactive demos or putting an IT help desk close to registration, while planning an event.

Time for Personalised Experiences

Now, you’ve prepared the base, it is time to facilitate more interactions and onsite experiences. Make sure the technology you implement encourages the following activities that participants genuinely enjoy - not a distraction element! 


The brain's main purpose is to learn. The majority of attendees come to your event seeking to discover something new out of the box. Give your attendees multiple opportunities to gain important knowledge from your activities. 

Think of innovative ways to learn to go beyond a PowerPoint-enabled lecturer delivering sessions. Recent research has demonstrated that Q&A sessions, push notifications and customisable forms can boost onsite participation and engagement. Use a sophisticated event app to deliver information to the participants by offering live chat features and email campaigns - making the materials accessible. 

Live Chat

Participants want their voices to be heard, whether it is through live Q&A with a keynote speaker or polls or surveys. Make it simple yet fun by providing live chat features, private social media or community forums and let them feel that you really want to hear them!

Kick Out FOMO

By generating moments that are tough to post on social media or not encouraging or teaching your attendees to use the right event software tool - you may create the "fear of missing out" sense for your event. 

Attendees want to share the venues, interactions with the speakers or their photos with a photo gallery. To further encourage engagement and enable tracking of ROI, offer customised tags or badges to make them feel welcome. Make sure FOMO doesn't mess up your intriguing event or a worthwhile opportunity you've prompted on social media.


Whether you want onsite or virtual engagement, offering gamification and competitions in your event is what you cannot miss - if you want it to be successful. An excellent approach to encourage attendees to explore every inch of the exhibit hall and make new connections with sponsors or other attendees is by collecting achievement tags or doing a scavenger hunt.

Engage, Analyze, and Follow Up

Eventify offers event experts all the resources they need to maximise event outcomes and captivate an audience. Your event may come to life with the conversation, ideas, event networking, and enjoyment, with the help of a few crucial audience engagement tools such as tag-based matchmaking, live chat, custom challenges with rewards and global dashboard, speaker profile, and live polls. 

We'll guide you on how to use event technology, QR-enabled check-ins, gamification, an event mobile app, and attendee-monitoring multiple dashboards to set up, monitor, and evaluate event engagement strategies. With the help of those technologies, you can give your visitors a flawless, unforgettable experience on the one hand, and assess the return on investment for your event on the other.

You get to decide which one to employ and how to gauge your achievement on-site in accordance with it. But if you want to boost onsite event participation, work with top-tier specialist technologies. 

Eventify enables you to create visually appealing survey forms that you can use to conduct event measurements using customer feedback, surveys, in-depth insights, and more. It is time to save time and money by finding which tickets are selling and which ones need more push with automated sales reports. 

Eventify Event App & Services
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