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Why Work with a Digital Marketing Agency?

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Why Work with a Digital Marketing Agency?

We are going to help you answer this important question. All our experience in business management, web design and development to drive your company to business success with digital marketing.

There are many ways to boost your business online: social media, PPC – Pay Per Click, email – email marketing, content, SEO… the list goes on.

Digital marketing agencies can solve that challenge for you and let you focus on the work you do best. However, choosing the best digital marketing agency in Dubai is not an easy task.

There are literally tens of thousands of digital agencies that you could work with. So how can you as a business owner select the best digital marketing agency for you?

Why Work with a Digital Marketing Agency?

Marketing depends on your audience. For example, if you're targeting business executives, you might want them to see you on LinkedIn. If you're targeting younger people, then Snapchat and Instagram are the places to be. And with Facebook's more than 2 billion monthly active users spending an average of 50 minutes each day on the app, virtually every business can see ROI through Facebook ads.

With new marketing tactics emerging every day, it can be difficult for busy entrepreneurs to stay on top of the latest trends, figure out the best ways to use different platforms, and become a master of all areas of digital marketing.

That's where hiring a digital marketing agency can help your business.

Hiring a team of experts to manage the more technical aspects of your digital marketing strategy allows you to focus on other areas of your business that you enjoy and do best, rather than spending weeks or months trying to find the right person to hire and to form.

We go over how to evaluate a digital marketing agency, the questions to ask, and how to decide between hiring an agency or running your marketing in-house.

What do Digital Marketing Agencies do? 

Internet digital marketing agencies help you get more sales by taking advantage of different marketing tactics to attract your ideal client and improve your online presence.

The services that agencies offer tend to vary a lot, but in general, you can expect to get these services:

Market research

Before you even think about which marketing channels to approach, you need to understand your target market from the inside out. If you don't, any great marketing company should be able to conduct market research to figure out the best way to serve you. If someone tries to sell you a one-size-fits-all approach, run the other way.

Google Ads – Google Ads

Google Ads is a great way to grab potential customers' attention right at the moment they realize they have a problem. Unlike normal disruptive advertising, search marketing is shown to people who are really looking for a solution to their problem. Most people turn to Google for an answer to their needs, so running a Google Ads campaign targeting those goals can be very profitable.

SEO. How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency?

Getting your articles to rank high in search results isn't just about building "brand awareness" or getting more page views. There is more than that. By getting your content to rank high in search results, you'll be able to capture potential customers at the perfect stage of the buyer's journey, right when they realize they have a problem and need your solution! Although there are specific SEO agencies, most digital marketing companies offer this service.

Advertising on Facebook – Facebook Ads

Clicktap social media marketing agency in Dubai offer PPC management that includes Facebook ads. Facebook's targeting features combined with its huge user base make it a fantastic platform for virtually any business to see a healthy ROI. You can target by gender, education level, income, location, interests, status updates, and even major life events like a new job, a baby, or college graduation.

Video Advertising

YouTube reaches more people ages 18-49 than the top 10 primetime TV shows in the US Video ads can be targeted by demographics, online behavior, location, interest, YouTube channel and more.

What are your KPIs? How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency?

Most companies track brand metrics – numbers that may seem important but have no real correlation to revenue generation for the company. For example, the number of likes you get on a post can be considered a vanity metric because it doesn't always translate directly into sales.

The last thing you want is for an agency to charge you every month and only deliver more likes on their posts, but not increase sales. How will they measure your success? Are they choosing the metrics that really show ROI?

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