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6 Things You Should Think About When Renting a Sprinter Rental Atlanta

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6 Things You Should Think About When Renting a Sprinter Rental Atlanta

6 Things You Should Think About When Renting a Sprinter Rental Atlanta 


As your birthday approaches, you might be thinking about a little trip. The perfect car will maximize your comfort, convenience and enjoyment on the road. Nothing is worse than planning a trip and realizing there is not enough space to accommodate everything or everyone. Here are six things to consider when renting a Sprinter Rental Atlanta for Memorial Day weekend.


Size and Comfort


One of the things you need to know about your Memorial Day trip is how many people and pets you'll be travelling with. Knowing the exact number of passengers allows you to determine how many seats you need in your weekend van to accommodate everyone comfortably. You can also choose the right size for your luggage and walking space. Choosing a Sprinter Rental Atlanta big enough for everything is important for a big trip. If you need extra space to expand, go up a van size.


Sprinter Rental Atlanta offers a variety of passenger vans to accommodate groups of all sizes. Our vans comfortably accommodate 9, 12 or 15 passengers, giving you plenty of room to stretch out during your Memorial Day trip.


Insurance and Roadside Assistance


Insurance is mandatory when renting a truck. This may seem like an extra cost for a short trip, but it is worth it in case of an unfortunate accident. We recommend checking that your car insurance covers the rental. In such cases, you can enjoy the truck in peace because there is compensation for accidents and unexpected accidents. If your car insurance does not cover the rental, many insurance companies and providers offer other options that you can purchase to cover the duration of your trip.


Sprinter Van Rental Atlanta offers roadside assistance. We understand your need for a stress-free Memorial Day trip. That's why we offer 24/7 Atlanta roadside assistance for any issues with your van.


The tires of a black van


Where are you going this Memorial Day weekend? Most people know where to go, but some jump in the car and fly. Knowing where you want to go and how far you want to travel can help you choose the best rental car for your long weekend. This allows you to select a company that offers a certain mileage for a price or unlimited mileage.


Sprinter Van Rental Atlanta knows that estimating mileage can be stressful when moving between states. A birthday trip can cover a distance without worrying about the odometer. We offer unlimited mileage packages on most vans.

Drivers and Age Limits


The age of the driver is important information when renting a truck. You should make sure that you have vetted each driver before hiring them. That way, you know who is behind the wheel. Most car rental companies require drivers to be 25 years old. Knowing your driver's number and age speeds up truck registration and ensures your truck is ready when you arrive for pickup.


Sprinter Van Rental Atlanta requires a driver at least 25 years old to drive a luxury van. We will provide a special rental driver if the driver does not meet the age requirement. Memorial Day Contact us for more information about our drivers so you can enjoy your ride. 


Pick-Up and Drop-Off


When renting a Sprinter Van Rental Atlanta for a long weekend, you want the trip to start and end smoothly. Finding a company that offers the easiest pickup and drop-off can help make your experience stress-free. Will drive. Other companies will bring your rental car to you.


Start your Memorial Day weekend trip in a convenient van. We all know the stress of packing and dropping the car off at the rental location. So, you can choose the time that suits your schedule. After that, we will unload the van and take you upfront.


Additionally, we allow 24/7 pickup and drop-off from designated locations. Book with us or let us know when you are coming. Make sure the van is ready when you arrive.


Accessories and Special Accommodations


Make a Memorial Day trip a different experience for your family and friends. Get a van with unique features to spend time driving in flat grass and desert. Plug-ins for TVs, video game consoles, and electronics are useful accessories when travelling with others.

Our full-service vans are equipped according to your request. We hope you enjoy your weekend, but know that additional bang features will help you do so.

Vacation in Our Luxury Sprinter Van Rental Atlanta 

At Sprinter Van Rental Atlanta, van rental is an essential road trip. This is where you spend most of your time. Our high-quality Mercedes vans are extremely comfortable and can meet all your needs. Check out our selection of vans today and get a quote for your anniversary trip. Visit Our Website or contact us at (315) 381-4222 to reserve your sprinter van today.


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