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Why You End Up Paying, When You Have a Free Website!

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Why You End Up Paying, When You Have a Free Website!

A free website entices us all in the first go. The very concept of getting something like a website, running at absolutely no cost is hard to say no offer. Also, the mystery of getting something free of charge in today’s times, when even a bottle of water comes at a price makes us curious.

Don’t be surprised if we tell you that it is this curiosity that website builders benefit from.

Unfortunately, it is from the moment you sign up for a free website that the story takes a different turn.

In this article, we take you through three alarming things that web design company Brampton companies find damaging in a free website.

3 Disadvantages of a free website

To not fall in the trap of such freebies, here are three things that make a free website a disadvantage for your business.

1.   Web Builders use your platform to promote their services

Do you know that they will use your platform to promote their own business. That is to say, they shall put ads about their service on your website. Not only will you be earning a penny from these ads, but also, your visitors will not have an ads-free experience on your website.

Interrupting ads reduces the trustworthiness of your website

The above point also seems to answer, why people leave your website quite frequently.

Due to this very reason, eventually, even new businesses have to take in the support of WordPress web designers

2.   Nothing comes for free on a free website

If you check the ads of web builders, their homepage is all praises about their free website. But it's just half the truth.

Because it is from here that you start to realize that things that are shown as free are not completely free. Rather, they have some or the other charges and limitations involved. Like, there are free templates for you to start with, but these templates fail to give your website a unique identity. Due to this reason, a business website will have to spend money to bring on a unique template for itself.

For instance, Mailchimp offers Email support to its free website subscribers only for a month. That explains that with time, you will need to pay for every essential service like SEO, social media integration, Email support, etc.

3.   Ranking a free website is a tough nut to crack

Surely those designers and developers aren’t paid in peanuts. After all, they work towards the ultimate goal of making a website rank high on search results.

In case you choose to run a free website, then you will have loads of added work other than what you already are dealing with. For instance,

Your free website will need keyword-rich clickbait content (which is a repetitive and research-oriented task).

Then, your products will need attractive descriptions and images. In short, again a time-consuming and creative process.

Final Note

Though getting yourself a free website seems luring. There are some very good reasons why you should not go for a free website. There are limitations to what they offer for free. Due to this reason, one should think of getting a professional website designed by a well-known Toronto web design company like Cube InfoTech.

Drake Sticky
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