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How to Figure Out Which Dog Breed to Get For Your Family

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How to Figure Out Which Dog Breed to Get For Your Family

Bringing home a dog can make your life blessed, and you may discover how it fills an emptiness you were hitherto unaware of! You can choose to adopt a dog from a nearby dog rescue and shelter agency or buy dog online. However, it is absolutely important that you pick the right dog breed for your situation. This is where several dog lovers falter, and they end up bringing home a dog that is not well suited for their situations. This leads to hassles for both the animals and the family members.

Things to analyze before you can buy the apt dog for your household

There are several factors that you have to assess before you buy a puppy. When you bring home a suitable dog breed, it is easier for both sides.

Space – When you have a large apartment or bungalow with a big garden area, bringing home a large–sized dog makes complete sense. You can choose to bring home a Labrador or German shepherd without woes. Such large and energetic dog breeds need plenty of exercise and free space to run around. If you live in a small apartment where space crunch is very real, these breeds will not fit the bill. In that case, you should look for small, apartment-friendly dog breeds like beagles, pugs or a cute Chihuahua. However, some big-sized dogs like great Danes can be kept in midsized flats.


Health issues- If you have a large family with some senior members with fragile health conditions, be careful about choosing the ideal dog breed. It is not about the size but the hair length that you should think about. Some long-haired breeds shed more fur than the short-coat ones. If you have people in the household with chronic respiratory issues, keeping a long-haired dog at home may not be a good idea. Elderly people with health issues should refrain from adopting high-energy dog breeds.


Kid-friendly breeds- If you have small kids or infants at home, selecting the right dog breed is necessary. There is a misconception that keeping large-sized dogs in homes with small kids can be risky. This is a myth! Some of the large-sized dogs bond very well with the toddlers, and they also protect the kids well from any intruder or threat. Examples of Labradors and golden retrievers bonding exceptionally well with kids are aplenty. Some dog breeds are known for bonding only with their owners better than others in the family, such as Rottweiler.  

Lifestyle- Yes, you read that right! Your lifestyle also affects the dog you bring home eventually. Think of your schedules and free time before you buy puppies online. For single working professionals who have to spend a lot of time outside the home, keeping a dog that does not suffer much from separation anxiety is prudent. The same can be said about working couples who want to adopt dogs. Some dog breeds crave human company more than others, and they are better suited for joint-family setups.


Dog size- Some people like small-sized dogs like pinchers and Chihuahuas more than regular ones. While they are very loyal and warm by nature, think of the practical aspects. Owing to their small dimensions, these breeds can get hurt easily. If your kid accidentally steps on such a small dog, he may get injured and bite as a reflex. This won’t be the case with larger breeds like Labrador or Dalmatian. Large-sized dogs need more space to move around freely, whether they are kept in an apartment or a farmhouse.


Grooming and care- Some dog breeds will require more grooming and maintenance than others, and think of this factor when you shop for dogs online. The long-haired breeds will need frequent brushing and trimming of fur beyond doubt. Beagles and breeds with long, floppy ears are susceptible to ear infections, while long-haired breeds may get more affected by ticks and skin ailments. The small breed dogs may develop more dental diseases. Think of the time you can keep for grooming the dogs.

Bring home a puppy or an adult dog?

You will find many online puppy shops selling puppies aged between 8-12 weeks and 2 months. These puppies look amazingly cute, and you may feel tempted to bring them home at first sight. However, think of the additional tasks involved in grooming a puppy. Adopting a senior dog is relatively easier. Sometimes, dog-owners give away their dogs when they migrate to a new place or can’t keep the dog for various reasons. Such dogs do not require much training, and they usually adapt to a new place easily.

Summing it up

Whether you get a dog from a regular pet shop or a rescue center, do not go by the looks alone. Think of your household situations and your lifestyle-related issues carefully.

Dominic Puppies
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