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How to Uninstall Drivers in Windows 11

How to Uninstall Drivers in Windows 11

When Should You Uninstall Windows Drivers?

A device driver, as noted above, is a crucial component that instructs your computer on how to communicate with the connected device. For instance, a camera driver is required to bridge the gap between the computer and the webcam and provide the results to you to connect and utilize your webcam.

Your webcam is merely a device that accomplishes nothing without the camera driver. However, certain drivers have the potential to harm your computer in several ways. These problems can lead to devise malfunctions and are one of the causes of Windows crashes.

As a result, you must remove any installed drivers that are creating issues on your system to fix the issue.

How to Uninstall Drivers in Windows 11

1. Using Device Manager to Remove Windows Drivers

One of the most often used programs on a Windows computer is Device Manager. You may use it to find unfamiliar devices, update drivers, and remove them. It can also be used to turn on or off a device.

Follow the procedures listed below to remove a driver using the Device Manager:

1. Open the Power menu using the Win + X hotkey.

2. Choose Device Manager from the menu.

3. Double-click the category with the device driver you want to remove.

4. Right-click on the device and choose Uninstall device from the context menu.

5. Click Uninstall to the confirmation that crops up.

Your system will be completely free of the chosen driver.

The procedure described here will remove all device drivers except the printer driver. By employing the various techniques described in this tutorial, you can remove a printer driver.

2. Settings App to Uninstall Windows Drivers

The main center for practically all Windows settings is the Settings program. It may be used to set up the OS, adjust settings, and manage connected devices. A device driver can also be manually uninstalled via the Settings app.

How to remove drivers from the Settings app is as follows:

1. Open the Settings app using one of the many ways to open settings on Windows 11.

2. Choose Apps from the left panel.

3. Select Installed apps Or Apps & Features. Here you will find all the applications and drivers installed on your computer.

4. Locate and click on the three dots next to the driver you want to uninstall.

5. Choose Uninstall from the context menu.

6. Click Uninstall again to the confirmation box that appears.

You are done now. To effect the modifications, restart your computer.

3. Control Panel to Uninstall Windows Drivers

An essential part of Windows that allows you to control system settings is the Control Panel. You may efficiently configure Windows the way you want it to run and look by using these options, which affect almost every aspect of how your system functions and appears.

You can control all the installed programs and drivers from the Control Panel's Programs and Features area. The procedures listed below can be used to remove a device driver using the Control Panel:

1. Open the Run dialog box by pressing the Win + R hotkeys.

2. In the Run search bar, type Control Panel and press Enter.

3. Change the View by Category.

4. Click Programs and then click Uninstall a program.

5. Locate and right-click on the driver you want to uninstall.

6. Choose Uninstall / Change from the context menu.

7. Click Yes to the UAC that pops up.

After that, delete the driver from your computer according to the on-screen directions.

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