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Why are Yak Milk Dog Treats Better Than Other Treats?

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Why are Yak Milk Dog Treats Better Than Other Treats?

Dogs love to chew. It’s their passion; it’s their hobby. Just as every human wants to put their feet up and unwind, dogs too wish to have a yummy chew caught between their paws and chew it in leisure. 

Now, as a pet parent, it is natural to be concerned about the safety and health of your pet. Keeping this in mind and considering your dog’s passion, Mellow Premium has come up with yummy yak milk dog treats

What are these?


Yak chews are made of yak milk. The chews are composed of all-natural ingredients with zero artificial flavours and additives. The milk is made to dry and turn into hardened cheese. They are then cut into blocks to turn them into chews suitable for all dog breeds. 

Why yak milk?

According to vets, yak milk is healthier than cow milk. It has higher protein, lactose, amino acids, and minerals. It is low in fat. So, your dog can get a healthy dose of essential nutrients while he/she engages in their hobby. 

Brands like Mellow Premium use only natural components to make the chews. That’s why the chews are odourless and stainless. This appeals to most dog owners, as you need not clean up a mess after your dog has had his/her chew. Also, as you open the pack, you won’t get the typical putrid smell that most dog foods exude. 

Can I give yak milk dog chew to my dog?

If your pet has grown beyond its initial teething stage, you can safely give them the yak chew. Please supervise your dog the first time he/she gnaws at the chew. Do not give it to younger puppies who still have no teeth or are in their early teething stage. Yak chews are very hard. Your puppy might hurt his/her mouth. 

Yak chews are perfectly okay for puppies with grown teeth and dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds. Yes, they are perfect, even for dogs with sensitive stomachs. 

Choice of chews

Yak chews are easy on the digestive system, as they are made from milk. However, certain companies tend to mix additives and flavouring agents to the chews. It is these ingredients that may irritate the stomach of your dog. 

So, it is not the question of whether you can give a yak chew to your dog with a sensitive stomach. Yak chew, in itself, is safe. What matters is the brand you choose. 

In this regard, Mellow Premium tops the chart of safety treats because the company hardly uses any artificial ingredient in the chews. And that’s the reason the company proudly claims that their yak chews are suitable for all dogs, even those with sensitive stomachs. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Let your pet pursue his/her hobby in a healthy manner. 

Order chews from https://mellowpremium.ca/.

mellow premium
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