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A Bucket-List Event: The Great Wildebeest Migration Mara River Crossing!

A Bucket-List Event: The Great Wildebeest Migration Mara River Crossing!


Witnessing the migrating herds crossing the crocodile-infested Mara River- a stunning wildlife spectacle! The Great Wildebeest Migration Mara River crossing is a bucket-list event. It is the dream of every safari enthusiast. In countless wildlife documentaries, you can find the dramatic Mara River crossing. You can see in real the Wildebeest Migration River crossings on a Tanzania safari.

Why Is the Great wildebeest migration Mara River Crossing So Special?

The annual Wildebeest Migration is the quintessential wildlife experience on the planet. Millions of wildebeest and zebras migrate across Tanzania and Kenya. 

  • Mara River crossing is about struggle and survival! The migrating herds face predators on land and water during the Mara River Crossing. 
  • It is an emotional and heart-wrenching sight that words or photos cannot capture! 
  • Mara River crossings deliver a unique wildlife viewing experience! It leaves you speechless and stunned. 
  • The dramatic event showcases nature in its rawest form! 
  • You can see the Great Wildebeest Migration balance life and death to survive.
  • The fittest among the migrating herds survive in the end! It is not about their struggle to survive after a fierce battle with the hungry crocodiles and hippos. The predators on the banks wait for their prey!
  • Migrating herds crossing the turbulent waters of the Mara River in search of greener pastures is pure and authentic! 

Where is the Mara River?

The Mara River runs through Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve and Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park

The River extends for almost 400 km between Serengeti and Maasai Mara. The Mara River banks have several crossing points for the migrating herds.

Where does the Great Wildebeest Migration River Crossing Take Place?

The Mara River is wide, long, and deep. The River is home to the large African crocodile population and hippos. 

The Wildebeest Migration crosses the Mara River to reach the northern Serengeti. 

When to Witness the Great Wildebeest Migration Mara River Crossings?

Most tourists ask about the exact time of the year when Mara River crossings happen. But it is unpredictable to tell the correct time of the Mara River crossings. The Serengeti Migration follows the weather. July to early November is the most likely period to witness the Wildebeest Migration Mara River crossings. 

  • July to early November: During this time of the year, the migrating herds congregate around the Mara River and cross in large numbers.

Catch the Predator In Action!

There are plenty of predators to catch their prey. The predators in the water and on the banks wait to capture the weak from the migrating herds. 

  • On land- you can find lions, leopards, cheetahs, and hyenas.
  • Inside the water- you can see large crocodiles and hippos.

It gets nasty to see stiff competition for food that becomes intense and brutal. The fierce and bloody battle for survival attracts many visitors to see the Great Migration Mara River crossings. You can see the most thrilling and raw predator sightings on the planet.


What to Expect from Great Wildebeest Migration Mara River Crossings?

The dramatic Mara River crossings are exhilarating to watch. You must have the patience to witness the spectacle. The migrating herds may take hours or a day to cross the Mara River. The migrating wildebeest herds wait for the bravest one to take the first step. 

When the migrating wildebeest herds are ready to cross the Mara River, nothing should disturb them! The safari vehicles urge you forward to provide you with the best viewing spot when the herds begin to cross.

Best Places to Stay to See the Great Wildebeest Migration Mara River Crossings!

  • Ubuntu Migration Camp: The camp has ten traditional canvas tents. The facilities to enjoy at the Ubuntu Migration camp are hot-water safari bucket showers and open verandas. You can look onto the vast plains to see the grunting wildebeest.
  • Olakira Migration Camp: The camp boasts eight stargazing tents. The mesh-covered tents offer safety and allow you to sleep under a sky with glittering stars. 
  • Sayari: The camp is near the Great Wildebeest Migration route and crossing points along the Mara River. During your stay at Sayari, you can see the migrating herds plunging into the water. 

Choose the best Tanzania Accommodation for a Serengeti Migration safari that justifies your stay! 

Do you want to experience the spectacular Wildebeest Migration Mara River crossing event? Contact us to discuss your Tanzania travel plans for the Serengeti Migration safari! 

Conclusion: Witness the Most Thrilling Wildlife Spectacle in Real!

You might have the Great Wildebeest Migration Mara River crossing on the National Geographic channel. There may be various videos and documentaries related to the Mara River Crossings. Nothing can beat the feeling of seeing the event unfolding in real! On a Serengeti Migration safari, you get an opportunity to see the Mara River crossing live. 

Witnessing a river crossing is the most incredible wildlife spectacle. The sight, smell, and sound of the herds crossing the Mara River create a sensual feel. The river crossing sight can bring tears to your eyes! It is heart-wrenching to look at the predator’s cruelty while charging an innocent wildebeest. 

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