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Reaching The Top - 10 Tips For A Successful Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing

Reaching The Top - 10 Tips For A Successful Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing


Mount Kilimanjaro climbing sounds courageous! Many dreams of Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. The mountaineering adventure in Tanzania appears on the bucket lists of many. Standing on the highest elevated point of Africa and enjoying the picturesque views creates a lifetime of memories.  

How to aim for a Kilimanjaro summit? 

A successful climb to Kilimanjaro involves an inspiring mindset, appropriate strategy, and preparation. The entire trekking experience and feeling of accomplishment are something unique. It gives you the fulfillment of achieving the heights with the best efforts. 

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Tips- The Best Way To Prepare For A Once-In-A-Lifetime Trek! 

Mount Kilimanjaro is not that easy to climb! Here are some valuable tips to make your trek successful and reach the highest peak in Africa!  

1.   Choose a Longer Journey! 


There are several Kilimanjaro Routes and the choice can become mysterious. The purpose of this guide is to honestly lay out the pros and cons of each route and aid your decision.


The eight major recognized routes for climbing Kilimanjaro: are Lemosho, Machame, Marangu, Northern Circuit, Shira, Rongai, Umbwe, and Western Breach. Choosing which route to take is important, so you must understand each option’s pros and cons.

Selecting a minimum eight days long Mount Kilimanjaro climbing involves low risk and a high success rate. Longer Mount Kilimanjaro hike helps you beat the altitude sickness challenge and excel. 

  • Travelers who opt for an eight-day Kilimanjaro climb report the highest success rate. 
  • 8-day Kilimanjaro climbs via the Lemosho route offer the best experience.

Kilimanjaro trek is challenging but does not make it difficult for you by choosing a short journey! 

2.   Train Yourself- The Correct Way to Prepare for Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing! 

Mount Kilimanjaro is not a technical mountain! The climb to Kilimanjaro is not strenuous or physically demanding.

  • The altitude can increase the difficulty level during the trek. 
  • Exercises like weightlifting and running can help a bit! 
  • Consider light exercises to build endurance and strength. 
  • Train yourself for duration rather than focusing on intensity. 

Start your Kilimanjaro Training regimen two or three months of your Kilimanjaro Climbing Tour!


3.   Make Water Your Best Friend! 

High altitude levels can leave you dehydrated! Dehydration causes Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS).

  • Drink plenty of water to avoid headaches, grouchiness, and fatigue. 
  • Carry at least three liters of water to stay hydrated during the hike. 
  • Drink one liter of water before and after each day of Kilimanjaro climbing.


The water collected from the nearby mountain streams is available only at the campsites. The guides use Aquatabs water purification tablets to make the water safe for drinking. It purifies and makes the water safe to drink! 

4.   Progress On A Slow And Steady Pace To Conquer The Highest Peak! 

Pole, the pole is a Swahili phrase! You may often hear this while climbing Kilimanjaro!

  • Pole, pole, or slowly, slowly! It is the key to a successful Kilimanjaro climb! 
  • Be gentle with your body to acclimatize to the low oxygen levels during the trek. 
  • Never race to the next campsite!
  • Walk at a pace while talking with others within your group to feel relaxed! 

Enjoy the scenic views and conserve your energy.

5.   Gear Up With Essential Items For Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing! 

Do you know the mountaineering gear required for Mount Kilimanjaro climb? For climbing Kilimanjaro, you should have the right mountaineering gear. 

  • One of the essential items for your Kilimanjaro climb is a pair of waterproof boots.  
  • If cold feet or blisters become the enemy, carry an extra pair of warm socks and liners.  
  • Bring extra warm gear to protect your hand, neck, and fingers from freezing. 
  • For sun protection, carry sunscreen and a sun hat! It can help avoid sunburn at high elevations.

With the proper gear, you can keep yourself warm and comfortable! It makes your Kilimanjaro trekking journey bearable and manageable. 

6.   Look For The Signs Of Altitude Sickness

When climbing high altitudes, you can experience signs of altitude sickness. 

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Upset stomach
  • Lack of appetite
  • Shortness of breath


The best way to avoid altitude sickness is to give adequate time to go to high altitudes.


7. Treat And Care for Yourself During The Mount Kilimanjaro Trek!  

Eat, drink, and sleep are essential to make your Mount Kilimanjaro climbing successful! 

  • On the mountain, make a routine to sleep, wake up, eat, and drink.
  • Proper sleep is essential to recover and wake up rejuvenated! It helps your body to adjust to the climate at high altitudes. Lack of sleep may impact your climb and leave you tired! 

When your reach a campsite, change your trekking clothes! Consider spending time lying down and relaxing in your tent at the camping site. Eat dinner, as your body needs calories to leave you energized! 


8. Bring Some High-Calorie Snacks!

Most people often lose their appetite at high altitudes! 

  • To maintain your calorie levels, munch on some high-calorie snacks!
  • Calories fuel you up for an adventurous Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing

You may feel the desire to eat snacks during the climb! Pack snacks that do not freeze or melt! 

  • Protein bars
  • Chocolate
  • Nuts
  • Mixed nut bars

These snacks are the best to treat you and get the push to conquer the highest peak! Do not worry! You can burn off all the calories at the end of your climb.

9. Research And Learn About The Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Experiences!  

When going for the unknown, try to research and learn! It helps you set expectations and achieve success for the Kilimanjaro summit.

  • Reading about the experiences of other travelers on the Kilimanjaro hike prepares you! 
  • Your mind settles to handle the possible challenges during the trek. 
  • It reduces the magnitude of anxiety and stress.

Personal blogs, YouTube videos, and travel forum posts are the best sources to read and learn! 


10. Build Trust Within You! 

Your Will power can take you to the top! 

Kilimanjaro Climbing can leave you exhausted and overwhelmed! 

  • Enjoy and relax with your fellow climbers at the end of the day! 
  • Your mindset can make everything possible! 

Believe in yourself to conquer the height of success and make it to the top!

Choosing a reliable tour operator is the key to making your Kilimanjaro climbing adventure successful! It ensures you get the highest standard of services during the climb to Mount Kilimanjaro. 

An experienced guide and trekking team set the right pace for you and the group to achieve success. Your guides can coordinate an emergency rescue with safety protocols if required!  

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is possible with a few necessary steps! Trust a reputable tour operator in Tanzania for the best Kilimanjaro climbing tours.

Conclusion: Enjoy the Incredible Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Journey!

You aim to reach Uhuru Peak! But do not miss the scenic views throughout the trek! 

As you climb, look around to soak yourself in the beautiful surroundings. The support of the trekking team and changing scenic landscapes drive you toward the top. 

Your Kilimanjaro climb in Tanzania becomes a lifetime experience.

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