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Slipped And Fell? You Might Be Entitled To A Payout

Joe Alan
Slipped And Fell? You Might Be Entitled To A Payout

You’re just minding your own business and going about your daily tasks when you wipe out, hurting yourself badly enough to require medical care. Maybe you have to take time off work to heal or attend medical appointments. You might need special care in the future or be unable to return to your job.


Accidents happen, but if you’re injured in a slip & fall on someone else’s property, you might be able to hold them accountable. In many instances, you could be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, or even lost wages.

If you’ve suffered an injury from a slip, find out what you need to know to collect!


Who can be held responsible?

 In Canada, there are laws in place to protect you from someone else’s negligence. Slip and fall settlements vary and provide compensation for losses and suffering. This applies whether your injuries are minor or severe.


If your accident happened on property belonging to another person, a personal injury lawyer Edmonton can help you hold the owner or occupier to account. This means that you’ll receive compensation to help you overcome your injury and expenses.


The amount of your entitlement depends on a few factors, which is why having a personal injury lawyer handle your case is the best way to protect yourself. Your lawyer will be able to determine if you were owed a duty of care and help navigate the system to achieve an optimal solution considering your injury, a determination of fault, and the amount of evidence available.


What can you do after an injury?

 You likely have a lot on your plate if you’ve been injured. You might be focused on healing but at the same time worried that you’re not able to earn the income you did before your accident. Your dependents might also be suffering as a result.


Make sure you’re well represented and your rights are protected by hiring a lawyer. Personal injury lawyers are skilled at getting the best possible outcome for their clients. This might include damages for suffering, medical or attendant care, physiotherapy, or lost wages (both past and future).


Follow these tips for a stronger case

 You can help your lawyer put forth a strong case by following our advice after your injury.


•       Keep all of the evidence pertaining to your accident. Anything that can strengthen your case is helpful. This might include photos of where the injury happened or even the shoes you were wearing at the time.

•       Seek medical attention. It’s always best to be sure your injury is properly assessed and treated. Keep any documentation pertaining to any medical services you receive.

•       Never post about your injury. It’s tempting to share updates on social media, but your posts could be questioned later, directly affecting your claim. Maintain the highest privacy settings possible and only share details about your injury with those closest to you.

•       Never admit to your own liability. You might feel partly responsible for your accident, but admitting liability won’t help your case. Even if you’re clumsy, someone’s else’s negligence may still be to blame for your injury.

•       Let your lawyer handle your case. You should never speak directly to the property owner. Communicating through your lawyer will ensure that they’re able to put forward the strongest case possible.


Take care of yourself

 If you’ve been injured, you’ll need to take time to focus on your recovery. Seeking a settlement can be a part of the healing process and provide you with the necessary funds to get proper treatment and take time off work as necessary.


Having a personal injury lawyer on your side can ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Consultations are often free and will help you understand what to do in the aftermath of an accident on someone else’s property. Don’t wait - contact a lawyer as soon as you’ve been injured to make sure you fight for a fair settlement.



Joe Alan
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