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Best Tricks to Make Your Phones Speaker Sound Louder

Best Tricks to Make Your Phones Speaker Sound Louder

If you've ever wondered how to make your phones speaker sound louder, you've come to the right place. Here are the best tricks to make your phones speaker sound louder. Try them out and you'll soon hear the difference! These tips can be used by any mobile phone owner, no matter what the make or model is. You can use these tips to get the perfect sound from your phone. Lets see the ways how one can increase the sound of smartphone speaker.

1,Cleaning your phone's speaker

Cleaning your phone's speaker can improve the sound of your phone. Sometimes, dust can get into the speaker holes or cracks and cause blocking of sound to go out. Cleaning your phone's speaker is not difficult, but you must be careful not to damage anything! And remember to be gentle and take your time. One can take small cotton and clean it gently. You should be able to hear the music clearly again. If the problem still persists, you can try the following tips:

2,Phone's settings

Many people forget to check their phone's settings, but one simple move can make a big difference. Go to the Settings app on your phone and tap the Sound and vibration section. Once you've selected the section, you'll notice several sliders that control volume. The media slider will increase the volume for media apps. By tweaking these settings, you can easily boost the volume of your phone's speaker. Most of the times this issue is faced by users.

3,Music Playing App Settings

Some music applications, such as Spotify, normalize audio volume to a certain level. Try changing this setting to loud to get more volume from your phone. When the volume of your phone's speaker is too low, you should try adjusting the volume of the music playing app. Alternatively, you can turn off the sound in the app's settings. However, it may be necessary to check the software version of your phone to find out if it is the cause of the volume problem.

4,Speaker Position

Changing the position of your phone's speaker is another simple way to improve sound output. Ensure the speaker is facing upwards or outwards. Also, don't place your phone face down, as this will block the sound from the speaker. Also, avoid using protective cases as they can muffle the sound by blocking the sound from the phone's interior. This trick is useful if you're in a large room.

5,Bluetooth speakers

Though this will come under peripheral devices. But yet a very beneficial method to increase the volume up to next level. Bluetooth speakers can also make your phone's speaker volume much louder. They work with smartphones and can be bought at almost any price range. Smart speakers can be more expensive but can have extra features. Bluetooth speakers can also help you listen to music when you're at home. If you're not sure which Bluetooth speakers to buy, There are many cheap Bluetooth speakers available, so it's possible to find the best one for your budget.

6, Using a Mug

Yes, you read it right, though it seems pretty funny, but yes if you place your phone inside a mug or any thing which is open from up. There will be a significant increase in the volume of your smartphone speaker.A bowl or mug will help amplify the sound coming from your phone's speaker. Putting the phone in a bowl or mug will allow sound to bounce off of the walls, increasing the volume of the music coming from your phone. Then, you can try the opposite approach - placing your phone in a bowl or mug so that it hits the bottom of the bowl instead of the top.


These are some steps to increase the volume of your smartphone but it is not advisable to hear the music on higher volumes. And after doing all these things speaker volume is less then you should replace your smartphone. you can sell old phone online for best price at cash2phone. One can sell any phone at this website,

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