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Carpet Cleaning: Should Professionals Do It?

Marjory Doyle
Carpet Cleaning: Should Professionals Do It?

Carpet Cleaning: Should Professionals Do It?

Carpet cleaning services in Singapore is a must for every home and office. It is crucial to keep your carpet clean because it will extend the life of your carpet and keep it looking new for years to come. Cleaning is essential because it removes dirt and other particles from your carpet fibers. This helps prevent premature wear and tear as well as reduce allergens that may cause dust mites in your carpet.

You should also hire professional carpet cleaning in Singapore to remove any stains or spots that are embedded in your carpet fibers. These spots can become permanent over time if they are not removed properly by professional carpet cleaners with the right tools and equipment.

Professional carpet cleaners will use hot water extraction methods to clean carpets so they can get down deep into the fibers of the carpets, where most stains reside. They will use powerful vacuums to remove dirt out of carpets, which will allow them to apply their cleaning solution deep into the fibers of the carpets.

How often should you clean your carpets by hiring professional carpet cleaning services?

Carpets attract dirt and dust. Over time, these particles can cause the fibers in your carpet to become matted down and dirty looking. When this happens, you will need to replace the carpet entirely or have them professionally cleaned before they become too damaged.

Carpet fibers are delicate and can easily break down when exposed to excessive moisture or sunlight over time as well as from normal use such as vacuuming or walking on them with shoes on your feet every day. This makes it essential for homeowners to clean their carpets at least twice per year so that they do not get too dirty or damaged from regular use over time.

Therefore, the frequency with which you need to get the carpets cleaned depends on how often they get used, how much traffic passes over them, and how dirty those people are! The more often you use them and the dirtier those people are (e.g., kids), the more often you should get your carpets cleaned!

Taking care of your carpets

1) Vacuuming regularly

You should vacuum your carpet at least once a week using a high-quality vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush attachment. You may also use a vacuum cleaner with an attachment that removes pet hair, debris, etc., from your carpeting. You can clean areas where dirt tends to accumulate like under furniture or where people tend to walk frequently such as hallways and staircases. If you have pets in your house vacuuming should be done daily because pet hair tends to stick more easily on carpets than human hair does!

2) Steam cleaning

This is another way to rug cleaning in Singapore which is especially effective for stains such as wine spills or pet stains. Steam cleaners work by using high-pressure steam jets that blast away dirt from deep within the fibres of your carpeting. This method is often effective at removing stubborn stains from carpets without causing any damage to them. However, steam cleaning can cause damage if it is not done properly or if it is left too long.

Discover reliable carpet cleaning services at SparkCleanz

Getting your carpets cleaned professionally will make them last long. It will also reduce the chances of dust and other allergens spreading into your home. 

If you are in need to get your carpets cleaned, then contact us at SparkCleanz in Singapore. We operate with highly professional carpet cleaners doing the job since the beginning. Make that call today!

Marjory Doyle
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