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Finding The Right Hair Stylist for Curly and Natural Hair?

Bebe Creativecurls
Finding The Right Hair Stylist for Curly and Natural Hair?

Finding a stylist who is comfortable working with the particular texture and variety of curly hair might be challenging. Eight out of ten people with curly hair have a tale about a disastrous haircut or style they'd want to share.

Fortunately, there are now more available materials on curly hair weaves and more establishments that specialize in caring for curly hair. Taking precautions before letting a professional hairdresser handle your hair is essential.

  • Use social media to find them:

Your hairdresser's website should be online because why not? You can find links to hairstylists' websites by searching for the term "hairstylist" on pages that showcase various curly hairstyles for short hair.

If you want to verify a stylist's work, they should upload pictures of their completed projects and the steps they took to meet them (behind-the-scenes photos) and tag their customers wherever possible. Some will go so far as to provide practical advice on maintaining your natural hair, including reviews of products to use and items to avoid, as well as ideas for living with textured hair in everyday situations. These are all characteristics of a skilled hairstylist.

  • Ask other naturalists around you:

Take note of the young woman whose naturally occurring hair is always beautiful. Get in touch with their hairstylist! They have a professional do their hair, and you can save time and energy by asking for the stylist's contact information. Visit their salon or have a consultation with them first to make sure it's a good fit for you; what works for one person might not work for you.

If you ask around, most individuals will gladly recommend their favourite stylists. If you'd instead not question random people in the street, you can always conduct some research online to find the best stylist in your area. To pick the best choice, it is essential to check reviews and, if possible, study examples of their prior work.

  • Talk to the stylist:

It will be demanding, but it'll be worth it. No matter how skilled the stylists at a curly hair salon are, they cannot read your hair and predict its needs. Consultations can be scheduled if the stylist offers them, but walk-ins are also acceptable. It's the best way to learn about the stylist's process, the quality of the products they use, the length of time they've been in business, and the cost of their services. It also gives the stylist a chance to get to know you and your hair, including its texture, hair care history, and the products you typically use. Consultations with stylists can range from free to hundreds of dollars, so if you have to pay, you should make the most of your time there.

  • Visit their salon:

The salon's atmosphere can be evaluated to determine whether or not you feel at ease. Is there a wide variety of sub-stylists? Is there sufficient room? Is the music they play loud enough for you? Can you hear them over the din of the hair dryers? Consider all of them; if you still enjoy it, you may have found your new stylist.

  • Don't be a cheapskate:

Be wary of a stylist who promises highly cheap rates for their services. When something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Your hair is valuable, so don't skimp on maintenance. Beyond the cost, you should investigate whether or not they provide ancillary services, such as hair health education.

  • Note customer service:

Providing excellent service to customers is crucial. If you feel that your hair isn't being done correctly or if you'd prefer a different product, don't be afraid to speak up—but beware of hair salon with poor customer service. On the other hand, a company with excellent customer service will listen to your complaints, go out of its way to ensure your understanding of its processes, and follow your specific instructions. It's your hair, so have your say!


When searching for a professional stylist or google “curly hair salon near me”, it's important to remember that paying more does not necessarily equate to receiving better service. If you think everyone else does, too, you may be paying for the convenience of the herd mentality rather than actual quality. It's not fair that some salons and barbers charge more to clients with, say, 4C hair. A quality stylist will charge the same price for a cut and style regardless of the hair type of the client.

In addition, you can have several stylists for different services if that's what you prefer, rather than sticking with just one. No single stylist should be expected to know everything; therefore, hiring help is acceptable.

Finding a stylist of hair salon New York who is a good fit for you and your budget will take extra time, but it will be well worth it in the end.

Bebe Creativecurls
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