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6 Impacts of Traditional Chinese Medicine to Patients in Singapore and Overseas

Thomson Chinese Medicine
6 Impacts of Traditional Chinese Medicine to Patients in Singapore and Overseas

Technology obscured the art of traditional Chinese medicine over the years. Yet, patients continue to rediscover its benefits, and even the younger generations visit a TCM clinic in Singapore or overseas for treatment. Here are the six impacts TCM has on medical treatments.

#1 More Natural Remedies

Chinese medicinal herbs have aided in the development of 140 new medications. The unique qualities of Chinese herbs are not in any other natural substance. It is those properties that let Western medicine develop so far.

#2 Alleviating Pain Without Drugs

For certain people, acupuncture, cupping, and Gua Sha are safe alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs. Herbal remedies and TCM practitioners in Singapore are knowledgeable in preventing drug interactions.

#3 Acute and Chronic Illness Treatment Aids

Evidence suggests that TCM and acupuncture can aid in treating pain, sleeplessness, pain, digestion, and stress concerns. TCM has a substantial impact on disorders, ranging from chronic pain to chemotherapy side effects.

#4 Aids Various Western Treatments

Eastern medicine seeks to address both symptoms and the underlying cause or causes. Acupuncture tries to influence the flow of Qi (energy) in the body. However, Western medical professionals focus solely on the physical. An example is Somatic Experiencing, a comprehensive approach to trauma familiar to Western clinicians.

#5 Maintaining Health

TCM aims to strengthen the immune system. It aids in reducing the frequency, severity, and duration of diseases and illnesses. Traditional Chinese medicine in Singapore and overseas also serve as preventatives. Chinese medicine has grown in popularity ever since its introduction to the Western world.

#6 Professionalism

The prerequisites for procedures such as acupuncture urge Western medical specialists to embrace TCM seriously. The additional registration and accreditation criteria for Chinese herbal medicine, cupping, and Gua Sha adds to its charm. These guidelines the practitioner's professionalism and the lowest possible danger of adverse effects to patients.

Thomson Chinese Medicine works hard to provide their patients with information to make the best healthcare decisions. The TCM Clinic provides acupuncture treatment for fertility to assist patients undergoing IVF. Their treatment technique follows the premise that healing begins with understanding one's own body.

Thomson Chinese Medicine
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