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Complete Guide to Auto Glass Repair and What you Should Know

Raymond Gomez
Complete Guide to Auto Glass Repair and What you Should Know

The importance of your car's glasses cannot be overemphasized. The windshield, for instance, protects you from harsh elements when driving and serves as the primary method of visibility. On the other hand, your side mirrors are instrumental in detecting incoming vehicles and preventing collisions. To this end, it is vital your car's glasses are always kept in top condition. This guide contains all you need to know about caring for your auto glass. Stay tuned till the end. 

Common Types of Auto Glass Damages 

Depending on the type of object which strikes your car’s glass and the location of the hit,  auto glass damages can be classified into the following types.

Edge and Stress Cracks : 

Edge cracks occur within 3 inches of your car’s glass. If anything strikes this location and produces a fracture, it will develop into a lengthy, curving crack. On the other hand, stress cracks happen when the glass experiences a drastic temperature change.


Chips are formed when tiny objects flying at high speeds hit your car's glass and take a tiny piece of it. Stones from moving trucks are objects that can chip your car's glass. Over time, chips spread outwards and worsen, affecting a larger glass area.


Pits occur naturally and are formed from continuous wear of your auto glass over time due to collision with sand, dust and other tiny particles from the road. 

Bulls Eye 

Due to pressure, the windshield develops a circular fracture resembling a dartboard bullseye. These fractures typically develop due to a strong, high-pressure impact on a specific windshield location. Here, it doesn't matter how big the thing is that hits.

Why do you need an Auto Glass Repair? 

It is very important to visit a reliable auto glass shop near you for your car's glass repair as soon as you notice any damage. Here's why

  • Damage to your car's glass hinders the visibility of incoming traffic, creating a very serious safety hazard.
  •  Early detection and repair prevent the damage from becoming worse. If the damage is left unattended, it worsens until only a full replacement of the affected glass can remedy the situation.
  • A damaged auto glass reduces your car's market value by a significant amount. No client would buy a car with a damaged windshield, or side or rear mirror. Therefore leading to lower price quotations for the car.
  • Damaged auto glass also compromises your safety. For instance, correct deployment of airbags is heavily dependent on the structural integrity of your car's windshield. 

Common Methods for Auto Glass Repairs 

Auto Glass Patch

An auto glass patch is typically sold in do-it-yourself repair kits. Professionals rarely use this type of repair method as it is not the most effective repair method. If your glass has a chip or minor crack, you may place the film or patch over the affected area after trimming it to size. The patch is then buffed out and given time to heal. It becomes harder, as a result, strengthening the impacted region. A patch does not reinforce the glass or penetrate the fracture or chip. Simply holding the region together helps to stop additional breaking.

Glass resins

The chip or crack receives an injection of resin. The region is then heated by a heat source, which causes the resin to solidify. The resin swells while it does this, helping cover up any chips or cracks. Strengthening the afflicted region and preventing the fracture or chip from spreading, can assist.

Final thoughts

This guide contains all you need to know about auto glass repairs. Visit a reliable auto glass repair shop near you to get your damaged car glass fixed as soon as you notice its damage.

Raymond Gomez
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