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What are the best beers for winter festive seasons?

Mark Bayfield
What are the best beers for winter festive seasons?

Are you a beer lover? Most people consider beers when they work like hawk in the offices and just want to Calm their after-work stress. But, do you love beers in special occasions?

As winter is already approaching on the door-step, let’s get some ideas to make these events fun with some of the best winter beers!


Here’s what we’ll talk about:

·        5 types of beers for winters

                               I.           Ales

                             II.           Lagers

                          III.           Stouts & Porters

                          IV.           Specialty Beers

                             V.           Craft Beer/Microbreweries

·        Best occasions to have beers in winter festivals

·        The bottom line


Let’s begin with,

5 types of beers for winters


1. Ales

 Ales are ale-type beer. These beers are generally lighter bodied than stouts and porters. Ale yeast strains tend to produce higher alcohol levels than lager yeasts, making them perfect for drinking at colder temperatures. The best types of ales for enjoying during winter holidays include pale ale, brown ale, golden ale, and India pale ale (IPA).

 2. Lagers

 Lagers are dark-colored, deep-bodied beers that are brewed using a different type of yeast strain. Lager yeasts have lower alcohol tolerance, which makes them ideal for cold weather conditions. Lagers are often referred to as “winter beers” because they pair well with cooler temperatures. Popular examples of lagers include pilsner, wheat beer, bock bier, dunkelweizen, kolsch, and doppelbock.

 3. Stouts & Porters

 Stouts and porters are darker-colored versions of ales with distinct flavors and aromas. Because of their high alcohol content, these beers are meant to be consumed after dinner. Examples of stout and porter styles include Irish stout, black stout, Baltic Porter, Scotch Ale, English Brown Stout, chocolate stout, etc.

 4. Specialty Beers

 Specialty beers are those that fall outside of the traditional categories mentioned above. These include Belgian strong ales, American IPAs, and barley wines.

 5. Craft Beer/Microbreweries

 Craft beer refers to small batches of beer produced by independent breweries. Many craft brewers use local ingredients and offer unique flavor profiles. Microbreweries are smaller operations that brew their own beers.

Best occasions to have beers in winter festivals

Beers are warm and light alcohol drinks that makes our mind soothe and refresh our tongue. Beers are wholesome when it comes to parties and celebrating events especially in the winters. Some of the best festive seasons to add beers in your menu list are Halloween, Christmas, winter beer festivals, new year eve’s, and New year’s day.

·        Halloween are super-fun, and in winters you need to feel the haunted thrill with your favourite Halloween costumes. Add some of the best beers to surprise your friends in the party too.

·        Christmas comes in December when the winter wind started to get cozier and more cold, so a can of your favourite beer can really change the mood of your parties.

·        New year eve’s and new year’s day! Another great moment what brings a fresh start with a new year. So, adding beers can really make you feel relaxed and more cheerful for a wonderful future.

The bottom line

To put it simply, beer can keep your body active and warm. That’s why winter is the best time. Many liquor outlets and online stores already started giving discounted beer specials NSW-wide. So, get ready to make your every winter festivals cozier with the best beers!

Mark Bayfield
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