Live chat surveys: 7 benefits for customer satisfaction


Communication through live chat is popular with customers. The process is easy and convenient. Their favorite businesses seem intuitively connected to them. Furthermore, live chat can boost conversion rates as well as its efficiency.

In order to improve chat, customer satisfaction surveys must be conducted. Besides ensuring customer satisfaction, CSAT integration into live chat offers seven other benefits. Improve your customer's live chat experience with these tips.

Live chat CSAT surveys: 7 reasons to integrate them

Real-time feedback about service recovery

It is important to turn around unpleasant experiences as soon as possible. Your response to a poor review can be immediate every time you receive one.

It should be automatic for supervisors or team leaders to be notified when CSAT scores are negative. Slack messages or email notifications can be used to address unsatisfied customers.

When negative feedback is followed up on, customer loyalty and satisfaction can be increased. Responding to complaints tends to make customers more loyal to a company. There is a paradox called service recovery. Following up shows your business cares.


Listening to customers is appreciated by customers

You will lose customers if you do not appreciate and listen to them. As a result, complaints are rarely resolved.

To show your customers that you care, provide a feedback form and respond to it. In addition, you will stand out from the crowd. By asking for customer feedback and addressing it, you'll appear to be customer-focused.

Live chat can help you grow your business

The process of learning relies heavily on feedback. Customer service agents need real-time feedback to know when their efforts are pleasing customers. We can also improve when we receive negative feedback.

In one-on-one meetings, your chat agent can review your feedback directly from you.

From the customer's perspective

A customer's perception of the products, services, and experiences of an organization is described in this report. Your customer's sentiment can tell you whether your changes and updates are on track.

Over time, track your customers' satisfaction scores. You may see a drop or spike in CSAT after making changes. Is there a reaction from customers when new products are launched? What changes have you made to your customer service? For example, do you automate processes that enhance customer service? Live chat widgets can help you determine whether your customers are satisfied or dissatisfied with your service over time.


A response to a product or service

Receiving customer feedback is an invaluable gift. When a customer expresses their feelings about your products and services, they are engaged. Coming up with new ideas can also be achieved by getting feedback from customers.

There are two ways to obtain feedback through your live chat CSAT. Despite their intended purpose, feedback widgets are commonly used by customers to leave detailed product reviews. No problem at all! Giving customers more ways to provide feedback will help you better understand their needs.

Customer reviews can also be used to measure customer satisfaction. You should investigate "model300x" if its CSAT score is low. Is there another product like this one available? Customer service is a challenge for your agents? In either case, you can determine how things are going by examining CSAT scores.

Identify promoters and buyers

Live chat serves as a channel for lead acquisition, and CSAT scores indicate the level of customer engagement. As a result, qualified leads may move up the list.

In the future, 38% of customers who rate a company's service positively will recommend it to friends and family. Using CSAT scores, your live chat tool can identify customers who are likely to leave positive reviews.

Create a review or referral program that makes it easy for satisfied customers to leave a review. You are more likely to receive reviews and referrals as a result.


Analysis of churn

Poor customer service leads to fewer purchases, higher churn rates, and more referrals from friends and family. In 78% of cases, buyers back out because of poor service.

Live chat widgets that integrate CSAT surveys can help you identify churn risks early on. Negative responses from customers should be given priority. Since these customers are already complaining, you should take extra care of them.


Customer satisfaction surveys are particularly useful for live chat conversations. When you speak with your customers, don't assume what they're thinking. Customer satisfaction can be improved with live chat.

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