How to Choose The Right Slip Yoke Drive Shaft?

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The slip yoke is a vital part of your vehicle’s drive shaft and is what allows the shaft to flex when going over rough, uneven terrain.

This flexion gives your drive shaft’s U-joint the ability to continue rotating properly in more demanding conditions.

By this method, the slip yoke transfers power from your transfer case to your front axle. Within many Jeeps, the slip yoke describes an internal splined shaft that’s connected to the driveshaft itself using a universal joint. The Driveshaft Slip Yoke is present to transfer power from your Jeep’s transfer case to the driveshaft, sliding in and out of the transfer case. This sliding capability allows for changing length depending on the vehicle’s movements.

A slip yoke eliminator, abbreviated SYE, does what the name suggests: It eliminates the slip yoke from the transfer case. Instead, it turns it into a fixed yoke that does not slide. The sliding component of your drive train gets moved to the drive shaft in the form of a spline stub and confusingly named slip yoke, not to be confused with the previously discussed slip yoke.

These shafts are only designed to worth within the lengths and angles found in a stock/un-lifted Jeep. This change allows you to change the driveline length and type to account for suspension height changes. This is done by shortening the transfer case, meaning you need a longer driveshaft and a flatter drivetrain angle, in turn limiting vibration and wear on various drivetrain parts (especially for Jeeps with major lift kits installed). 

Jeeps with large lift kits may experience issues with both short driveshafts and extreme angles if they are installed without changing the driveshaft.

But installing the SYE converts the slip yoke to a fixed mounting yoke or flange, which allows you to properly run a double cardan driveshaft, also known as CV driveshaft.

This moves the upper joint of the drive shaft closer to the rear output bearing which in turn allows for a greater driveshaft length thus reducing driveshaft angles. As an added benefit, because you are replacing the now too short stock shaft with a new double cardan shaft, you get a drive shaft that fits your lifted vehicle.

The SYE also eliminates any risk of the slip yoke sliding out too far, out of the transfer case. If this happens, you will lose power to the rear wheels and the oil in your transfer case may leak out in high volume.

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