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Aerial Drone Video And Photography for Residential Real Estat

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Aerial Drone Video And Photography for Residential Real Estat

With the help of drone video and photography, real estate agents can showcase their properties in a way that no other medium can. Drone technology opens up a new avenue of marketing for agents, but it’s important to understand how does it work before you spend any money. 

Here’s what you need to know about aerial video and photography for residential real estate:

New Hot Thing in Residential Marketing

Drones are a new technology that has been gaining popularity in recent years. They’re a great way to attract new customers and help you sell your property, whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes.

Using drones for real estate and can add an extra dimension of professionalism to your listings. You can use these aerial shots as part of your marketing efforts on social media or in print advertisements, creating compelling visuals that will draw viewers’ attention right away.

Highlight a Property’s Features 

Aerial drone video can highlight a property’s most attractive features while downplaying less desirable aspects. A drone has the ability to capture wide-angle shots that would otherwise be impossible with conventional camera equipment.

It is a great way to show the property in its best light and from angles that are not possible by other means. When you use drone video or photography in your marketing campaign, you can create more dramatic videos and photographs which will increase the chance of attracting potential buyers.

This is especially important when selling your home, as buyers often want to see at least one or two homes before making an offer on one.

Drone Videos

For real estate agents, drone videos are especially useful when selling a high-end home or other unique property. One of the many advantages of drones is that they can fly lower than helicopters (and therefore avoid running into restricted airspace). 

It allows you to get closer to your subject, as well as fly inside tight spaces like stairwells or closets—something that would be impossible with a manned vehicle. 

Furthermore, since drones aren’t limited by night vision technology, they can still provide great footage even at sunset or sunrise. Additionally, drones can safely travel over water.

 Drone Photography 

Aerial drone photography is a great way to showcase a property’s most attractive features. If you have a beautiful yard, or an amazing view of the mountains, or even just nice landscaping, aerial drone photography can be used to highlight these aspects.

It works best when used with still photos taken from different angles and heights. It allows you to show off the home’s best parts while downplaying less desirable ones (like an overgrown front lawn).

Drone photography


Thrilling Way to Market High-end Homes

If you’re already thinking about selling your property, make sure that the drone is part of your marketing plan from the beginning. Your agent should be aware of how important an aerial view is for marketing purposes before they even start looking at houses on which they might want to list yours with the intention of selling it soon after. 

Drones offer a thrilling new way to market high-end properties. By using drones, you can show off your property and get more buyers interested in it. You can also use drones to take aerial photos of your home that will help you sell it faster! 

Otherwise you may miss out on opportunities like this one where someone else has already done most of the legwork ahead of time!

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Benefits of Drone Aerial View in Real Estate

Drones are an easy way to capture aerial video and photography, but they also have their benefits. Here are some of the most important:

  • Drone video can capture the feel of a property. The wide-angle perspective allows you to see more than what your eyes can take in while on foot. It also shows a new angle, which will help bring out details that might not have been seen before.
  • Drone video can show properties in a different light. As people who live in our communities know, each neighborhood has its own personality and vibe — and drone videos showcase this beautifully by highlighting local parks or simply showing off a neighborhood’s natural beauty!
  • Drone videos allow you to show off your property’s best features from varying heights above ground level so potential buyers get an accurate idea about how these spaces work together as well as how they look from above during different times of day (for example during morning sun vs dusk).
  • Drones offer unique perspectives that are impossible for humans (or even helicopters) to capture. This can be especially useful for homes that are tucked away from view or located in remote areas where there isn’t much room for photographers to walk around and shoot photos.
  • Drones are also very cost effective compared to hiring photographers or videographers to shoot photos or videos for your property listings. You can hire a professional photographer or videographer but they will charge you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per shoot which may not be worth it if you only need one or two shoots done before selling your property.

Research Before Hiring a Drone Pilot

It’s important to verify whether your area has any restrictions on drones before hiring a pilot. Depending on where you live, local laws and regulations may also apply. You may also need to consult the local police and fire departments, since they often have a say in what drones can and cannot do. 

However, with an expert media production like us all the requirements are handled, from permits to licenses, so you don’t have to worry about it. 

Let Us Help You

When it comes to your real estate drone video and photography, you know that the quality of the footage is incredibly important. You want your potential clients to see all the best features of your property, and they need to be able to trust that they’re viewing an accurate representation of what they could buy.

With so many drones on the market, it can be hard to know what you’re getting into. We’ve been using drones for years now and have produced tons of aerial videos and photographs so we know how to get the best shots out of a drone.

Because we’ve been working in this industry for so long, our team at Studio52 is more than qualified when it comes to helping you get amazing real estate drone video and photography. Our drone pilots are licensed professionals with years of experience. 

So if you’re looking for someone who can bring their expertise from producing videos across many different fields (including but not limited too: commercial buildings, industrial facilities), then look no further than us here! 

Bottom Line

We hope you’ve gotten a taste for the power and potential of real estate drone photography in this article. With more and more drones entering the market, it’s not just about getting a camera on board – it’s about finding one with intelligent features that will help make your next shoot easier, safer and more efficient.

To that end, we recommend speaking with our expert team so we can show you the ropes! Because anyone can fly a drone; but it takes someone who knows how to use them effectively in difficult environments like construction sites or tight urban streetscapes. 

It also helps because we have years of experience flying these machines. Contact us today and we would love nothing more than bringing our knowledge.

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