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Kotlin or React native-which is the best for android apps development


Whenever a mobile app development need is raised, the first thing that comes to mind is a programming language, and the second is the framework. There are various mobile app development programming languages like Java, C++ and Rust that developers commonly use for app development. Kotlin is one of them.

Kotlin is a cross-platform native android apps development programming language. Kotlin is a powerful programming language extensively used in script writing for application development. For instance, Coursera, Evernote, spring and Atlassian used Kotling in their API integration. 

Advantage of Kotlin

  • Kotlin maintains the versatility of android app development as it supports Java programming

  • Apps based on Java can be easily revamped in Kotlin.

  • Native compilation environment also enables developers to use Kotlin for iOS app development.

  • It is a new-edge mobile app development programming language which is concise, faster and high performing.

  • Kotlin has its compiler, which sets libraries and frameworks

  • Kotlin provides ease of app maintenance

This programming language is extensively used by react native developers to design cross-platform app development. The reason behind this bridge is to eliminate the limitations of React native framework. However, there are many more advantages to employing react native in app development, such as:-

  • It supports external plugins, enhancing the framework's usability and performance.  
  • Javascript library and modules enhance the performance of the framework.
  • It is simple to incorporate new features into an existing web application. Without completely redesigning the software, developers must inject UI components into an already-existing application. 
  • The modular architecture of React Native divides the program functions using free blocks called modules. React Native can enable app updates on the go because they improve the app's updating process and adaptability.

Kotlin is a new-edge reliable programming language with robust compatibility with the existing and advanced codebase. As a result, mobile app developers bridge Kotlin with react native framework to eliminate the limitation of an open-source platform and develop robust cross-mobile apps. 

To get a high-performing cutting-edge cross-platform, you can hire Kotlin app developers remotely and get a hassle-free, cost-effective, high-performing mobile app pertinent to your business.

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