Understanding the top benefits of a career in public finance


A career in public finance consulting in Los Angeles has a lot of benefits. Accountants and other financial professionals are some of the most in-demand professionals and most difficult positions to fill on a global scale. While you might think the private sector would be the most rewarding arena for such valuable skills, it is important to know some of the top benefits of taking a role in the public sector. Read on for more benefits of a career in the public finance sector.

In demand

As we already said, accounting is one of the most in-demand professions, especially in the public sector. The public sector offers a lot of roles for financial professionals – from hospitals, schools, and governmental and city councils. In our changing political climate and with the ever-increasing privatization of public services, a lot of projects are given the green light at a high pace. With this in mind, the public sector will need more employees in both management and trainee roles to keep up with the work rate.

Competitive salaries

While you may not think about it, pay for those working in the public sector rival the equivalent roles in the private sector for fewer working hours. While the base salary may appear lower at a glance, when the salary is combined with a pension, annual leave entitlement, working hours and overall packages, you will realize that being a public finance consulting officer in the public sector has more benefits to offer.

Closing the gender pay gap is one of the top agendas for the public sector, majorly to greater public scrutiny than the private sector, as well as larger female representation than the private sector. Measures are being put in place such as development programs for ladies to help them get to senior levels.

A good investment in skills

There is more room for development and growth in the public sector as there is ample training opportunity. External training is valued in the public sector. Enhancing your skills is encouraged and training for new recruits is as good as or even better than the private sector. There are a lot of unique challenges to a career in the public sector in that knowledge and skills are automatically improved as the work is entangled with numerous complex strategies which can be changed according to the changing external variables.

Satisfactory work-life balance

We all know that the private sector is cutthroat when it comes to finance while the working culture in the public sector is easygoing. Non-profit-driven workplaces mean better working hours with most companies offering flex time and an emphasis on achieving a better work-life balance.

Job security

Being a public finance consulting Los Angeles expert in the public sector comes with the benefit of job security. Government backing in the public sector ensures better job stability for employees. Unlike the private sector, a lot of external factors such as stock values and the market are less likely to impact those with careers working in the public sector as public finance professionals.

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