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Car Window Tint Percentage: What Does It Mean?

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Car Window Tint Percentage: What Does It Mean?

You must understand car window tint percentages if you want to tint the windows of your car. Here's how to pick the right tint percentage for your car.


Window tints are common everywhere, but they're especially crucial if you live in a place with a lot of sunshine, like Singapore. They can even assist in lowering your risk of skin cancer while keeping the inside of your car cooler.


You must be aware of the percentage ratings they utilize if you want to profit from window tints' sun-blocking properties. You may receive greater advantages from cheap car window tinting.


Why are percentages used in window tints?


Every window tint is rated in percentage. The quantity of visible light transmission (VLT) permitted via the car window is represented by this percentage.


A 20% tint, for example, will let 20% of VLT into the car while obstructing the remaining 80%. The more light is blocked the lower the percentage. A lower percentage grade will always be given to darker colors.


Your car's windows probably aren't completely clear. The majority of car windows already have some kind of VLT-blocking functionality. Usually, it's around 80%.


The real VLT % has to be calculated using some basic arithmetic. The tint percentage you intend to add to the existing tint will be multiplied by this number.


Let's say you want to add a 35% tint to a car that currently has an 80% tint. 80% must be multiplied by 35%. As a result, 28% of VLT will now be blocked by your windows.


What can be anticipated from various tint percentages?


All car windows will be tinted, ranging from 5% to 90%, with 20% and 35% being the most popular options.


The deepest window tints are 5%. They are only used in unique circumstances since they virtually completely block the light that may enter a car. These tints are used in limousines to provide VIP passengers with as much privacy as possible.


For those wishing to change the appearance of their car through, 20% tints are ideal. Because of how opaque these tints are, onlookers won't be able to see inside your car. They largely prevent UV and VLT rays that cause cancer.


A nice compromise between functionality and beauty is a 35% tint. You'll be protected from the sun, and your car will look sleek. This hue level will also allow you to see well.


For individuals who desire all the advantages of a window tint without having their windows get darker, 50% tints are ideal. Car window tinting in Singapore offers VLT-blocking and is transparent.


Tint Laws


The allowable tint percentage is governed differently in each nation. When looking for tinting, bear in mind the laws of your state.


A ticket may be sent to you if you apply an excessively dark tint. Additionally, you must have the existing tint removed and a compatible tint fitted.


Depending on the type of car you drive and the type of window you intend to tint, Singapore has varying tint rules. In general, front windows must let in more light than back windows, and cars must utilize a larger proportion than SUVs and vans.


The regulations governing color in your adjacent countries must also be taken into account. Every time you drive through such areas, you are bound by those laws.


Malaysia does not have a requirement requiring 70% of light to flow through car windows, raising security concerns.


Selecting a Tint Percentage:-


You are now prepared to select a window tint because you are aware of how to window tint percentages are determined and that some hues are prohibited. There are a few important things to consider.


Think about the advantages


Window tinting has a wide range of useful advantages. Your choice of tint percentage is influenced by the ones that are most significant to you.


UV rays, which are a major contributor to skin cancer, are blocked by tints. This is the rationale behind the widespread use of window tinting in warm climates. Any percentage of the tint film is impermeable to UV radiation.


Additionally, they help shield your car's interior from sun damage. If you tint your windows, your dashboard and upholstery will last considerably longer. For this, darker colors that block more VLT will be more useful.


Infrared radiation may be blocked by several window tints, keeping your car's interior cooler. As a result of using less air conditioning, you can even consume less petrol. All percentages of high-quality tints can filter this radiation.


Consider your aesthetic


Some window tinting will significantly alter the way your car looks. By just adding black window tinting, a simple car might look to be a slick driving machine.


Darker windows may not be to everyone's taste, though. These individuals can benefit from a lighter hue in many of the same ways.


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